Stefan Stefan

Intermediate English level


Students will be reading for and practicing phrasal verbs under the context of scheduling and timekeeping.


Main Aims

  • Practice scanning in the context of time management.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To familiarize students with organizational phrases.


Pair discussion (4-5 minutes) • Get the Ss thinking about how they schedule their own lives

Ss will be put into pairs and asked to discuss what they do to keep track of their days. Will begin by talking about how I use the calender on my phone to organize myself.

Picture Recognition (3-4 minutes) • Show Ss a few organizational methods to prep them for reading

Presentation will be brought up on the projector and Ss will be asked to identify what is depicted. ECDW if necessary, but students should recognize everything except for maybe picture 'D'.

Article reading and identifying subjects (7-8 minutes) • To identify persons presented in the text by their habits

Ask the Ss to look for the 4 people in the text and to take note of what they do to stay organized. Allow Ss to underline and keep track any way they can.

Picture matching (2-2 minutes) • Match the pictures to the persons identified in the text

With the projector, put the pictures up on the board and have the students try and match the people they just read about with the pictures. Allow them to go back to their notes.

Replace underlined text with Phrasal verbs (8-9 minutes) • To get Ss to recognize colloquial ways to say something

Place the students into groups and open with explaining how the first example means the same as the underlined text. Then explain to them that they need to find the phrasal verb form of the underlined text in the article. Point out that the exercises will tell them in which line they'll find the answer by using the example.

Pair discussion 2 (8-8 minutes) • To get the Ss talking about how organizing their schedules affects them

Students will be split back into pairs. Have the students talk to each other about why they use scheduling, how it helps them and how it might make them feel better.

Worksheet 1 (7-10 minutes) • Ss will fill out a survey while discussing with their partners

Ss will be put into paris and handed a worksheet. They'll discuss with each other, using the worksheet as a prompt, how organized they are.

Worksheet 2 (6-7 minutes) • Ss will fill out another survey

Have the Ss switch partners and survey each other for another set of questions. Only hand this out if time is coming up far too short.

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