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Teaching practice 8_ future plan
Starter level


In this lesson, class will learn about asking 'wh' question about their future and answering them.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of 'wh' questions for Future plans.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of future plans


Warmer (3-4 minutes) • To set the context

First I will show them a 4 or 5 pictures(barbecuing, ) to set the context of weekend activities(Turkish people love barbecuing on their weekends). I'm going to start the lesson with telling . What are you going to do on weekend? This time I'm going to wait to elicit some answers.

Eliciting terms of activities- Cancelled ( Mark will be teaching them) (0-0 minutes) • To give the students some materials to use in their speaking practices

This activity is on page 80 face2face starter second activity, which I changed the format a little.To elicit the language I will have pictures of those activities on I'm going to use the projection which I have prepared on the board. it has 4 squares in it and there are titled 1. have 2.watch 3.go and 4.go to. 12 different activity terms would be stuck next to the board and they should stick to the proper area of the board. Then I'm going to ask them to come up with some more example for each area and I'm going to write one for each on the board. I'm going to give instruction and demo it first for one of activities and then they should continue to complete it. They have done similar activities recently so there shouldn't be any need for ICQs. After the task, I'm going to tell them after "go to" they should have a place but after "go" there must be a gerund form of verb which represents an activity. (Of course simplified form of this sentence) This hint is on my projection for them to notice beforehand.

Controlled practice for terms and affirmative form of 'be going to' (6-8 minutes) • Students use the terms about themselves

I will have four sentences about myself on the board. I'm going to tell them these sentences are about me and ask them if they think they are true or false(Part of my demo). Then I want them to write 4 sentences about themselves, but they shouldn't say which one is true or false. Are you going to write or speak? Write Are you going to tell your partner which one is true and which one is false?No. After they finished I'm going to ask them to exchange their writings so their partners can guess which one is true and which one is false. after one minute : Now check your answers with your partner. Could anybody guess them correctly?

less controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • To use affirmative form and more personalized topic

The students should think about How they want to improve their English( I will write some examples on the board so they can use it), then they will share their ideas in a mingling activity. Demo&ICQ. The students share their ideas with class.

Controlled practice for Sub aim (4-6 minutes) • Looking for specific information in a listening and answering 'wh' question form of 'be going to'

First I'm going to have the picture for listening on the board using projection. The question is written below the picture so they know what they should look for. I'm going to have a short warm up for listening and then give them some instruction about the task. after listening I want them to check their answers with their partners and I will ask the class "what are they going to do?"

Sub aim (4-6 minutes) • Looking for specific information in a listening and answering different 'wh' question form of 'be going to'

I'm going to give them hand outs and ask them to listen to the file and answer 4 given questions. ICQ: Are we writing?No Are we listening? Yes After listening to the file I want them to check their answers with a partner and later on they will have the answers on the board.

Eliciting main aim(If we have extra time) (3-4 minutes) • to elicit the Wh question form

They will have a box on the board, in which two of four previous questions are organized in the correct order of question form, and two other questions are on the cards next to board. I'm going to give instruction for doing the task this and demo it using one of the cards, then I'm going to ask for two people from desks who has been less attentive so far to match the cards to the right places.

Controlled practice of main aim (5-8 minutes) • Everybody get chance to practice on forming a question

I'm going to have 6 questions cut into words, each question is in one colour so they won't get confused. We normally have 6 groups of students so I'm going to prepare a set of scrambled words for each. I'm going to give instruction and demo, then they start to do the practice. after they finished in groups they can walk around and check the answers on the wall.

less controlled practice (13-15 minutes) • part of main aim

I'm going to give the handouts of the same questions they where working on, and after giving instruction and demo I want them to start asking their partner the questions, and write the answers in proper boxes. They should ask two more people the same questions. The paper is designed for asking three people. At the end they can share some plans of their friends with the class.

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