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teaching practice 2
Intermediate level


In this lesson class will have some listening and the students will learn about some useful phrases for their speaking and they will get to know how they should use them


Abc Board & Marker
Abc Hand outs from teacher's guide
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Main Aims

  • To practise functional language for talking about people indirectly.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To listen a conversation to guess the meaning of the phrases from contextual clues


Warmer (8-10 minutes) • To lead the class to my topic

First I will ask them what they did yesterday(weekend). after one or two answer I'm going to tell about my self that I was at a bar last night and it was really crowded and people were talking .Then I'm going to ask if they go to places like cafe' or bar ? And if they do go ,what they actually do while the are there? Soon they will come up with Talking as an answer.Meanwhile I will start to draw a chart on board in two column of women and men so that I can ask them what men what women talk about after getting two examples for each I'm going to instruct them to be in groups of there and try to guess what people in the photos talk about then (ICQ)I'm going to hand out some photos they have a chance for talking around 4 minutes(monitoring), at that point I may even complete the chart on the board(If I have enough time) after all I take the photo of two women at bar on my chest(while I'm standing in power position) to introduce them as Rita and Milly two women who usually sit in bars and talk about other people.

Exposure to listening (5-6 minutes) • Student to look for specific information

I'll let them know that they are listening to a conversation of Rita and Milly and they should find out If sentences on the board are true or false then I'm going to write the first exercise on the board and attach the photo of two ladies above them,I want them to read sentences and listen (ICQ) so after listening I want them to answer them true or false(If I have enough time i can ask why they think so)

Exposure to script of listening (4-6 minutes) • Students to see all detailes of their previous listening

I'm going to ask them listen again and look at the text after listening I will ask half of the class to stand up and find somebody to read the text with (ICQ & monitoring) after a minute I can ask them to change the roles .( At this point I make board ready for next stage)

Practicing new phrases (4-6 minutes) • To make them familiar new phrases and more confident about using them

After they get back to their sits I'm going to ask them to match given phrases in the text to more direct form of them below the text in pairs(ICQ)while the are busy doing the matching I'M going to attach indirect phrases on the board so they can come to the board and match the direct form of the. (I should be careful about our disabled friend there) Then I'm going to describe the difference between direct and indirect forms.

Pronunciation practice (3-4 minutes) • To practice pronunciation

I'm going to instruct them to listen and repeat(ICQ) in class after repeating with class I want one or two individuals to repeat again.

Clarification on sense of direct indirect phrases (5-6 minutes) • Getting familiar with some more phrases(almost close to previous ones)

I'm going to ask them to match the numbers to letters in pairs according the example which I'll read it myself (ICQ-Monitoring) then we check it all together.

Aim (7-9 minutes) • Semi-controlled practice of new phrases

I'm going to ask students to start talking in pairs (guess) about CELTA trainees personality then I'll hand them the pieces of paper copied from teacher's guide and provide them with one or two language models (example of how to use the information on those pieces of paper) (ICQ) and monitoring till end of the class.

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