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Present Simple Statements,Questions and Negatives(first person)/Teaching Practice 3
Elementary level


In this lesson students will practice present simple statements,questions,negatives(first person) by reading and listening exercises.The students will complete the sentences in the reading text with the correct verbs and listen to the workbook's CD to check tehir answers.Students will also learn the days of the week and the meaning of ''weekend''.


Abc Gap-fill Handout

Main Aims

  • To provide present simple statements,questions and negatives(first person) from a text that is about present simple statements.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To work on receptive skills' development by reading and listening practices.Role play exercises while working in pairs will enable students to practice present simple statements,questions and negatives.


Stage 1(Lead In) (5 minutes) • To introduce the lesoon and to familiarise the students with the days of the week.

Asking students ''What day is it today?'' Using word cards. Students will put the days in order.Students match the words ''weekend'' and ''weekdays'' with the days.CQ( Which days do we go to work?/ Which days do we relax?)

Stage 2 (10 minutes) • To test students if thet know the meanings of the some verbs that are in the text and to elicit the verbs by using picture.

Using pictures. Students will match the pictures on the board with the verbs.Eliciting the verbs with the pictures. Students will listen to the WB's CD then working in pairs complete the text to check their answers thay listen to it again. Asking students ''Where does she live?'' '' Is she 24,32,42?'' ,''What are her two jobs?''

Stage 3 (5 minutes) • Listen and answer the questions

Students listen to the CD and complete the answers. In pairs the students check their answers. To check students listen to it again. The students practice the questions and answer with a partner.

Stage 4 (10 minutes) • Complete the questions,listen and check the answers & Roleplay to practice the questions and the answers.

Students work in pairs and complete the questions and then by reading the text try to find the answers. Students work in pair and ask and answer the questions by changing the roles. Student listen to the WB's CD to compare their answers.

Stage 5 (10 minutes) • To practise Simple Present Tense(positive,negative and questions forms)Find the adverbs in the text.

Students match the verbs with pronouns that are on the board. Students find the verbs to put in the blanks by coming to the board. Students read the text try to find the adverbs ''always,usually,often,sometimes,never'' say the sentences that these adverbs used to familiarise students with these adverbs for the next lessons.

Stage 6 (5 minutes) • Listen and choose correct answers To provide a controlled a listening practice for pronunciation.

Students listen to the track and tick the correct answer. SS chech their answers with each other. Play the same track again,they check their answers. SS read their answers.

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