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Ismail Noaman TP#3
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn about clubbing and nightlife through guided discovery based on a listening track called My Ibiza. The lesson starts with a discussion about nightlife and clubbing and then followed by a listening for gist to know about people in Ibiza. Then, it's followed by listening for specific information. The lesson moves on to extend vocabulary related to nightlife. It ends with a freer activity where students talk about their experiences on nightlife.


Abc handout- Inside Out pre-intermediate

Main Aims

  • To Listen gist and specific information in the context of nightlife in Ibiza

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice in the context of nightlife and clubbing to free speaking for fluency


Warmer/ lead-in (9-10 minutes) • To Set the context and generate interest

Introduce the topic about dancing and model a sentence: I like dancing and going to nightclubs. I like listening to music. Ask the Sts to talk to their partners about their recent visit to a nightclub and their favorite kind of music. Show a couple of pictures of a nightclub. Elicit the advantages and disadvantages of living in a place very popular with tourists and especially famous for it's nightlife. Sts work in pairs and discuss.

Listening for gist (7-8 minutes) • To practice listening for general information and identify the context.

Ss look at the three photographs. Ask Sts to guess which person said each of the sentences listed in ex.1 Pg. 78. Ss read and identify. Sts Peer check their answers. Get Sts FBK. Play the track. Sts check their answers in pairs. Get FBK. Elicit suggestions for which person enjoyed their life the most.

Listening for details (7-9 minutes) • To practice in listening for specific details.

Set Ex (teacher-made). Tell Sts to mark the sentences true (T) or false (F). Sts listen to the track and answer. Promote peer checks and use answer key. T monitor Sts while answering, promotes peer checks and use of answer keys.

Vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • To identify and practice new vocabulary

Set the Ex. (teacher-made). Ss work in pairs and match the words to their meanings. T monitor and promote peer checks. Then use answer key. T put some pictures on WB related to the meaning of new vocabs. T drill the new vocabs. T checks stress and pronunciation.

Anecdote (freer practice) (8-10 minutes) • To practice speaking in the context of Sts own clubbing experience.

Set Ex. Anecdote. Pg. 78. Tell Sts to read the questions and clear any difficulties. Tell Sts to use the questions to talk to their partners about a recent place they went for dancing and having a good time. Ss work in pairs to do the exercise. T monitor recording potential errors. T get FBK from Ss and check any errors.

Vocabulary revision (2-3 minutes) • To revise vocabulary introduced in the lesson.

T put some pictures on the board asking Ss to stick the word to the picture on the board. T drill pronunciation.

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