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Intermediate B1 level


Abc HO2
Abc HO1
Abc Audio (transcript included)

Main Aims

  • vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • listening


intro (3-4 minutes) • setting context

3s We/ve had Hamed\s triplets/ Talk about sleep/ How much do you need_ what are you like without etc

2 (12-16 minutes) • Vocabulary

HO1 Vocabulary. 19 moody feelings. Still in groups INSTRUCTION,sort cards into positive or negative? Hand cards Monitor. When finished, ask each group to come to the board and stick into column Elicit meanings/ Language analysis sheet for details/ Discuss pronounciation stress intonatiion Drill

3 (7-10 minutes) • using vocabularty by making sentence/

Pairs Make 6 sentences Model on WB I feel bored when Im waiting for a train/ so write= I feel >>>>>> when I wait for a train/ Hand over to partner to guess the adjective Monitor FB by rotated nomination

4 (10-13 minutes) • Understanding picture

still in pairable groups. HO3 picture of Vicky and Martin and child Discuss how the parents feel/ monitor rotate nominations for FB INSTRUCTION tick the boxes for who feels what AUDIO R9.4 Monitor. Group checking. Feedback.

5 (5-7 minutes) • closure/

Discuss/ Use Vocabulary to talk about if this family sounds the same as a Turkish family/

Time over? Probably not (3-5 minutes) • Bringing it home.

Quick vocab check Drill stress intonation pronounciation

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