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Taking a Survey
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will conduct their own survey with the class. They will learn about vocabulary pertaining to surveys and percentages. They will be able to speak about their attitudes towards money.They will listen to a conversation about results of a survey conducted about peoples attitudes towards money.


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation and asking questions/giving answers in the context of attitudes towards money, percentages, attitudes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a survey answers in the context of attitudes


Warmer (2-4 minutes) • Introduce the context (survey)

I will ask 4 students this question: "Do you like sushi?" (yes/no) I will write my results on the board. "RESULTS" I will write the word "PERCENTAGE" on the board.. I will tell the students which percent of the class likes sushi. I will write the word "Survey" on the board and ask students if they know what it is. I will establish the context this way.

Class Survey (10-15 minutes) • Speaking activity for sts to familiarize themselves with conducting a survey

Introduce two vocabulary words: "DONATE/WORRY" . I will show students the survey they will conduct with each other. I will explain that they must ask other sts four questions with yes/no answers. I will have students sit back to back, I will give them 2 minutes per partner, then rotate the row so each student interviews 4 other students. "Questions (Yes/No) Student Name_____________ Student Name_____________ Student Name_____________ Student Name_____________ 1. Do you live in Istanbul? 2. Do you like Sertab Erener? 3. Do you worry about money? 4. Do you donate money to charity?"

Post Survey Results (5-7 minutes) • Sts give feedback on their survey results

I will have students move back into their original horseshoe seating positions. I will write down the students results. Then I will ask students one by one what percentage of the class "Lives in Istanbul..etc"

Listening-Writing Activity (6-15 minutes) • Have sts listen to the audio and tick the answers.

First I will go over the anticipated "new and important" vocabulary relating to the audio excerpt. Then I will play the entire audio and monitor how much students actually caught. Next I will "chunk" the audio recording piece by piece to give students a better chance at answering the questions. I will go over the answers to the questions with the class and answer any questions they have.

Conversation Cards (10-15 minutes) • Have the students talk about their attitudes towards money

Give students the mixed conversation cards. Have them work in pairs asking and answering random questions with each other about how they spend their money.

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