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Elementary A2 level


In this lesson students will learn the vocabulary for different activities you can do on holidays. The topic will be introduced with a video clip of Ireland,and students will think about the different activities being done in the clip. They will then do some controlled activities before moving on to freer practise where they will speak about the last holiday they were on.


Abc Match the word/phrase to the picture

Main Aims

  • To give students the oppertunity to use vocabulary related to holidays in speaking.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To drill pronunciation and form of common holiday activties.


Lead In (2 minutes) • To elicit the topic of holidays from the Ss

Teacher will write up the names of a few countries/cities that she's went on holidays to: England, France, Spain, Malta, Belgium, Portugal. The teacher will say 'What are these?- answer from Ss 'names of countries', then teacher will say 'I didn't live in England...I didn't live in Spain....and so on....but I went to England, I went to Spain'. Teacher will then try and elicit that these were places she went on holidays.

Introducing vocabulary with a video clip (6 minutes) • To elicit some of the vocabulary for the lesson

Ss will watch a short tourism clip of Ireland. Ss will be instructed to just watch the clip and answer the following question: What activities are people doing in the clip? For feedback the teacher will only ask the WC for their ideas, but not write them on the board at this stage.

Vocabulary (7 minutes) • To elicit the vocabulary and drill pronunciation

The different vocabulary will be elicted as follows: -Go sightseeing: A personal story of when I when I came to Istanbul first 'I went to see the Blue Mosque, the Aga Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Yerebatan Sarnaci' or when I went to Paris 'I saw the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Sacre Couer'. -Go to the beach: Show a picture of a beach. CCQ: Name some famous beaches in Turkey. -Go skiing: Show a picture of a beach. CCQ: Can you go skiing in Bursa during the summer? -Go cycling: Show picture. -go sunbathing: Show a picture. CCQ: Can you sunbathe in winter? - Go on boat trips: Give example of the Bosphorus tours. Say that tourists like to see the Bosphorus from the water. -Have picnics: Show a picture CCQ: Do you eat inside? -Go camping: show picture -Rent a car: show picture of different renting companies. -Rent a bike: show a picture

Controlled practise (3 minutes) • To test Ss knowledge of the vocabulary

Students will be given HO 1. They will work individually to match the word/phrase to the picture. (2 minutes) For feedback the teacher will ask the Ss to write their answers on the WB. (1 minute)

Semi controlled practice (5 minutes) • For Ss to practise the vocabulary

Ss will be instructed to work individually to write sentences for HO 2 based on the pictures. They will be instructed to write a real or imaginary holiday they went on and say 'In Bursa I went skiing and walking'. (3 minutes) Once the Ss have finished writing the sentences they will work in pairs to talk about their answers. (2 minutes)

Demonstration for final task (5 minutes) • To introduce the Ss to the final speaking task

Instruct the Ss to work in groups of four to discuss the last holiday they went on. Give them the functional language below before starting. Teacher will give an example of the last holiday they went on. Tell the students that each person in the group will ask a question. Ss will also note down the name of the Ss who is talking, where they went, what they did, and how the weather was (on the HO provided) Feed in the important functional language for the final activity. Drill pronunciation of the following sentences. Ss can ask each other the questions: -Where did you go on your last holiday? -What was the weather like? (Demo some answers) -What activities did you do? -How was the food?

Freer speaking and personalisation (15 minutes) • To have Ss use the vocabulary to talk about their own experiences

Students will work in groups of three or four to talk about a holiday that they've been on. They will talk about where they went,what the weather was like, what activities they did, and what was the best activity they did on that holiday.

Delayed FB (2 minutes) • To correct any mistakes which you noticed with vocabulary.

Write any mistakes in form (e.g. if the Ss says 'I went picnics' up on the board, or if they are pronunciation mistakes write the correct form up and elicit from the Ss the pronunciation, and then drill if necessary.

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