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Copy of Prepositions of place, Houseswap
A2 Elementary level


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Abc A flat by the river
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of prepositions of place in the context of houseswap. By the end of the lesson students should be able to recognise and use some prepositions of place accurately.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students with practice on their productive skills through a controlled and semi/controlled speaking activities.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To follow up from the previous lesson and prepare students for the clarificatio stage

Ask Ss to look again at the text on page 32. Ask them to underline the all the prepositions of place. Script: 1. Read the text again. (show them the text). 2. Underline the prepositions of place and the nouns. Demonstrate: Ask a student to read the first sentence. What is the preposition of place? in. What is the noun? house. 3. Work alone. Check for understanding: What do you have to do? Are you working alone? Monitor Feedback: p/w Peer check

Clarification (8-10 minutes) • To clarify meaning, form and pronunciation of prepositions of place through guided discovery

write on board: in + _____(country,town,village,buildings...) on + _____(streets, the beach, floors....) at + _____(home, school, work, doctor, the end of the road....) close to/near to, next to, behind, opposite, far from, in front of, opposite + _____(something/someone) What do you think we can use with each preposition? Look at the text again to get some help. Work in groups. You have 2 minutes. Check for understanding: What do you have to do? Are you working alone or in groups? Monitor. Peer check. Groups swap their papers. Feedback: Nominate Ss for answers, confirm with w/c and fill in the list. Elicit for examples. Important: 1. to clarify the difference between in/on/at draw on the board _____ so that Ss will have a visual clarification as well. CCQ: i) where is the board? the board is on the wall. ii) where do you live? I live in Istanbul. Where is your mobile phone? In my pocket/bag or on the table. iii) Where are you now? I am at school 2. opposite VS in front of. Clarification: Elicit from Ss for meaning. If no answer is given go and sit opposite/in front of to a S and: CCQ: i) Where am I sitting? Opposite Ss' name ii) Where am I sitting? In front of Ss' name. Elicit for examples from Ss Preposition + noun: Use the board to write a sentence elicited from Ss. Highlight the preposition and the noun and ask them what they observe. Script: e.g. The board is on the wall. where is the preposition? in where is the noun? wall where is the preposition? before or after the noun? Before. We put prepositions of place before the noun.

Controlled Practice 1 (5-6 minutes) • To provide Ss with controlled written practice of the TL. To check if Ss have understood the TL.

Ask Ss to fill in the gaps in task 2 p.33. Script: Read the text (show them) and check for any words you don't know. Fill in the gaps. Work alone. You have 2 minutes Check for understanding: What do you have to do? Are you working alone or together? Monitor. Peer check. Feedback: Nominate Ss to read. Confirm with w/c.

Controlled Practice 2 (4-6 minutes) • To provide Ss with controlled practice using the TL.

Divide the class in pairs. Student A and B. Script: Look at the map. Find the correct preposition in the sentences below. Demonstrate with a Ss. The post office is in front of/next to the hospital. Next to. Put an x to in front of. Check for understanding: What do you have to do? Are you working alone? You have 2 minutes Monitor Peer check. Compare your answers Feedback: Nominate answers. Elicit for more from w/c.

Semi controlled Practice (10-15 minutes) • To provide students with semi controlled practice of the target language by formig Qs and answering.

Script: First part of Activity. There are some gaps in this text. Read the sentences. Think of questions you can ask to find out what is missing. Give them the handouts of "A flat by the river". Demonstrate with a Ss: write on board: 1. Gerry Thompson lives in_____ What is the Qs? Elicit from class Ask a Ss with worksheet A for the answer 2. He has a flat close to_______ What is the Qs? Elicit for answer Ask a Ss with worksheet B for the answer. Work alone. Check for understanding: What do you have to do? Are you working alone or in pairs? You have 5 minutes. Monitor. Second part of activity. Now work in pairs Ask Qs to each other and fill the gaps. Student B starts with Q1, then Student A with number 2. Check for understanding: What do you have to do? Do you work in pairs or alone? Monitor. Feedback with w/c.

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