Intermediate level


In this lesson students learn about phrasal verbs.


Abc Web based visuals
Abc New Inside out Intermediate Student's Book Unit 4, p.37,40-41
Abc New Inside out Intermediate Student's Book Unit 4, pp.117,122
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Abc New Inside out Intermediate Student's Book Unit 4, p.37

Main Aims

  • To introduce and/or review phrasal verbs. Ss have the opportunity to use them in freer production, through the context of ''party''

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss practice in the integrated skills of skim reading, writing, in particular to give Ss the opportunity to practice use of phrasal verbs in a context.


GTYK (3-3 minutes) • To get to know Ss

Introduce myself to the Ss. Have them say their names by nominating them.

Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To arouse interest in the topic, and to introduce ''phrasal verbs''.

Show the sample sentence of powerpoint on W/B and say: this is what I have done this morning. Ask Ss - look at the verbs in red colour for 1 minute. ....pause.... what do you call them?

Pre-task (3-5 minutes) • To introduce some initial vocabulary through the text from the previous lesson.

Ask Ss to read the text for a couple of minutes and underline the phrasal verbs as they read it.

Task phase (5-7 minutes) • to elicit meaning of the phrasal verbs in the text.

Put the phrasal verbs on strips of papers on W/B say I'm going to give you these in a second and I want you to match the verbs on W/B with their meanings in strips of papers. Put them in pairs. For feedback- Nominate for a St from each pair to match them on W/B for the whole class feedback.

Focus on TL (1) (5-8 minutes) • To review seperable/ not seperable phrasal verbs

On powerpoint show throw away example ask Ss if there's any difference in meaning of two sentences underline the banana skin elicit '' object'' elicit in seperable ph.verbs object can seperate ph.verbs OR come after it. But if the subject is pronoun it must separate ph.verb. In non-separable ph.verbs the object always comes after it.

Controlled practice (5-5 minutes) • To give Ss controlled practice in the TL.

On powerpoint show Ss exercise and ask them to choose the odd answer. Put them in pairs to discuss for two minutes. Who wants to answer it? Ask them to explain- why?

Semi-controlled practice (5-5 minutes) • To give ss semi-controlled practice in making sentences with pronouns.

Explain and hand out exercise 3. Have them discuss it in pairs for 3-4 minutes. -For feedback- put the answers on the wall ( on 2 sides) for Ss to check it.

pronunciation (3-5 minutes) • to show Ss stress pattern with phrasal verb.

write on W/B: go off join in burn down burn- (verb) down (particle) and, show them- In each phrase, the preposition receives more stress than the main content word.

Gap filling (5-7 minutes) • To give them a few more examples of phrasal verbs

Give Ss (Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particles) handout. Put them in pairs and have them brainstorm ideas to find and fill in particles. Put the answers on the wall again for the whole class feedback.

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