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Assessed Teaching Practce 5
Intermediate B1 level


In this lesson the students will be introduced to a set of vocabulary in relation to advantages and disadvantages in the context of " Strictly confidential" . They will also have the opportunity to practice speaking for fluency through a free practice.


Abc sentence completion
Abc What are the advatages and disadvantages of having CCTV cameras in classrooms .
Abc Pros and Cons game
Abc Complete the conversation
Abc Discuss the pros and cons ( advantages and disadvantages) of using public transport in istanbul.
Abc words and definitions
Abc Tapescript

Main Aims

  • To provide the students with speaking for fluency practice in the context of strictly confidential and two other debates ( CCTV cameras in classrooms and Public transport in Istanbul). First the vocabulary introduced in two controlled activities and then the target language is used in two free practices.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide the students with the essential vocabulary to function and produce more fluent spoken English.


Lead-in pre-teach vocabulary (controlled activity) (8-10 minutes) • To familiarize the studenst to the vocabularies with negative and positive meaning.

Group work ( 3 groups ) Hand out the cut ups : List of words : students to classify their meanings as negative or positive and write them on the board. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Group work) Next: Give each group a copy of the hand out ( definitions): students to match the definitions to the words. ( Elicit as many answers as possible: get all the students to participate) 1- Is it an advantage or disadvantage to speak more than one language, and why? 2- Is it a good thing to have an antivirus on your computer? 3-Is it a good thing to have security cameras in shops?

Controlled activity ( Group work) (5-5 minutes) • To provide the students with further practice on the target language

- Divide the class into three groups. - Ask the students to complete exercise 1 " Functional Language" - Ask the students to chose the correct words to complete the sentences.( make sure the understand the word italic) while the students are doing the task : Monitor and check for early finishers. Feedback : ask the students to check their answers with other groups and after that give them an answer sheet.

Find the TL ( controlled activity) (5-5 minutes) • To provide further opportunity for the students to familiarize with the functional language.

Give each student a copy of the tape script from the listening task 2.25 : ask the students to under line the target language used to present arguments. Feedback : ask the students to write the answers on the board . ( in full sentences)

Fun activity ( Game - Pros and Cons) (10 minutes) • To provide further practice on productive skills in speaking for fluancy and accuracy in thecontext of a game

Divide the class into of three . ( Demo the game with a group of three) During the demo ask the students to gather around you , so they can see how to play) ( make sure they know how to play the game) - Give each group one board ( copy of p 232 TB).and about 30 tokens . - In each group one student starts by moving the playing piece from the start to the first square. - The next player must states one advantage or disadvantage about the topic, if they say something clear and other people in the group accept as a good point , the player takes one token from the bank. - The next player doesn't move the piece . He/ She must state something about the topic , but taking an opposite view.( If the first player stated a disadvantage, the next player must state an advantage) if they succeed they also take a token. - The next player now has the chance to state a disadvantage- and so on until one player can't think of any more pros and cons. - Then they can move the piece, and make statements about another topic . And continue till the tokens run out . -At the end , the winner is the person with the most tokens. -

Speaking ( Free parctice) (15 minutes) • To provide the students with the opprtunity to practice their produtive skills ,speaking for fluancy.

Re- arrange the groups Write on the whiteboard : Discuss the pros and cons ( advantages and disadvantages) of using the public transport in Istanbul. Monitor the students, if they stopped talking move them to other groups.

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