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Jobs and personal info
Beginner, A1 level


In this lesson students learn how to find out some personal information about the others, especially about jobs and occupation through guided work with photos and a dialogue. The class starts with a brainstorming activity related to professions which then passes on to a dialogue about friends with the help of which students learn the questions used to get the personal information. Finally, there is some practice through a role-play activity.


Abc Projection of Jobs
Abc Gap-filling HO
Abc Projection of Flags of different countries
Abc Countries HO
Abc Face2Face CD1, R2.7
Abc Face2Face CD1, R2.6
Abc Face2Face CD1, R2.5

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practise the lexical set of jobs and the singular form of "to be" for Wh-questions in the context of personal info

Subsidiary Aims

  • Skills: To listen for specific information


Stage 1 (Warmer) (3-5 minutes) • To revise the nationalities from the previous lesson

- Project the photos of the flags of different countries - Together with the class brainstorm the names of the countries, write on the board - Organise a pair work: S1 picks a country from a pile, S2 says the nationality and a person or a thing of that nationality.

Stage 2 (Introducing new vocabulary) (10-15 minutes) • to provide new vocabulary which can be applied in the context of giving and getting personal information

- Pre-teach the word "JOB" - Organise SS into 5 groups of 3 by handing out colour papers with letters. In the groups SS brainstorm as many professions as they can remember beginning with the given letters. Get the feedback from every group. - Show the pictures of different jobs. Elicit from the SS the words for them, write on the board, practise together, mark the main stress. - Listen to the recording, get the SS repeat after the recording, after the teacher, after each other (together, one by one randomly) - Pre-teach the combinations "His job/Her job" with the help of the speaking bubbles. Drill with the help of the pictures of the jobs.

Stage 3 (Listen and complete the table) (10-17 minutes) • to get the SS understand details while listening

- Elicit from the SS the words "friend", "married", "single", "beautiful". - Show the picture of a couple (Ben and Amy), predict the manes and the jobs of their friends. - Give SS a copy of HO table to complete. Listen to the recording 2.6 and get the SS to complete the table indivudually. - Play again if necessary and complete the table on the board. - Address the SS to ex.3, ask them to complete the Wh-questions with the suitable form of the verb "to be". - Check with the help of the recording 2.7. Get the SS to repeat the questions. - Elicit from the SS the questions we can use if we want to find out some information about somebody else. - Organise SS into pairs, get them ask questions about other people using the new questions.

Stage 4 (Overview) (2-3 minutes) • refresh all the information the SS got at the lesson

- Choral drilling of the vocabulary and questions learned at the lesson.

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