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Present perfect/ Present perfect continuous
B1- Pre-intermediate level


This is review for students. focus on the grammer in terms of meaning and form and pronunciation. Work on pronunciation of contractions.


Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of Present perfect/ present perfect continuous with for and since.

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking- semi-controlled for accuracy


Warmer lead-in (5 minutes) • to use receptive skills listening to present perfect continuous and contractions.

-T will stand in front of class I give clues to the students using present perfect/ present perfect answers, eliciting students to guess my job. - a treat will be given to the student who guesses correctly. - depending on time I will elicit 3 guesses from students.

Table for ``for and since`` (10-15 minutes) • Testing meaning of `for and since``

-teacher draws 2 column table on WB with "for"and "since"headings. -teacher draws time line and explains a period of time and a point in time to WC -Sts are put into pairs, asks sts to create a present perfect or present perfect continuous sentences on a seperate piece of paper with the word that is on the WB card. - after short period of time sts are asked to stop and T asks first sts to read out his sentence. and to place his WB card in the correct column. -T asks sts if all the cards are in correct column, if not, allow sts to make corrections for T corrects.

Productive Task fill in the blank worksheet of present perfect/ present perfect continuous. (18-20 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills of writing and speaking.

- T put students into pairs of 2 or 3 depending on the class size. - explain to sts they must fill in the blanks using the correct preposition. -use ICQs. - T asks a random sts to read out the answer for practice speaking. The WC will confirm if the answer is right or wrong. Teacher will ask sts CCQs to right or wrong answers.

Task 3 (10 minutes) • Practice speaking/ writing

-T writes sentence on WB 1. a foreign person you know - T ask sts to name the verb in each sentence. - sts work in pairs or goups to write down in sentence in a present perfect fact which answers the question "how long". - once each sts has written down an fact they will mingle and go around asking each sts what is their friends name "how long they've known your friend> and the other sts will answer in a present perfect fact/statement.

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