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Abc face2face handout

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of present perfect tense in the context of films

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide scan reading practice using a text about feel the force in the context of Star Wars film


warm-up (repetition drill) • to put emphisize on repeating structural patterns through oral practice

In this lesson, first the teacher will show to the students images: robot, allien,character, battle, evil, special effect. At the back of the flashcard the word will be written so the teacher starts by making the students pronounce and repeat the words after the teacher. Later on the teacher shows the written word of the image.Once the students have learnt and familiaried themselves with the new words, the teacher will show the flashcards and flip through them quickly, asking the students to shout the word. This well help check the students comprehension of the new words.

pre-reading • to activate students schemata about the topic.

The teacher will show a poster to the students of the star wars movie without the title. The teacher will get the students, to guess the title of this movie by giving them some clues. When the students guess correctly, the teacher will ask them to work in groups and exchange information of what they know about the star wars film using the prompts in their handout sheets and Ss will be asked to share their answers with the class.

reading • to quikly idenfify the main idea of a text

The teacher will ask Ss to focus on the article and the photo of Todd Philips. Afterwards Ss will be asked to read the article and find four things that show that he is a big Star Wars fan. When they finish their skim reading they will be asked to share their answer with the rest of the class. Following this, the teacher will ask the students to read the article a second time and answer the questions indivicually on their handout sheets. When they complete this task they will be asked to check their answers in pairs and share them with the rest of the class. They will also be asked to give their opinions of Todd Philips obsession with star wars films.

grammar • teaching the differance between simple present tense and present perfect tense

The teacher writes varios sentences in the simple past tense and present perfect tense then explains how to form negative and positive sentences in both tenses. The teacher will do this by underlining the verbs and time expressions in the sentences.on the board. Following this explanation the Ss will do activity 6 in their handout. This activity consists of filling in gaps using the positive or the negative form of present perfect tense.

post-reading • to check the key target language

Students will look at the article again and find four examples of the present perfect and simple past. Before that teacher will do the first one with the rest of the class as an example. Students will compare their answers with the rest of the class.

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