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Holiday collocations
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn some holiday collocations through test-teach-test method and finally they will use them to talk about their last holidays.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of holiday collocations in the context of holiday

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice for speaking for fluency using the target language in a conversation


Lead-in (5 minutes) • To set the lesson context and engage students in the lesson

-Show them different pictures of people on holiday -Elicit the word "holiday" through some questions -Ask some questions to have a conversation about their likes and dislikes -Ask if planning a holiday is difficult or not? -They discuss in pairs and give two reasons why it's difficult or not -WC FB on the content Instructions and ICQs -Look at these pictures. Where are these people? -What are they doing? Are they working? (No, they are on holiday) -Do you like to go on holiday? Do you like summer holidays or winter holidays? -What do you think about planning a holiday? -Please discuss with your partner. Is it difficult to plan a holiday? Why? -You need to give me 2 reasons why it's difficult or not.

Test-Matching Activity (7 minutes) • To activate students' prior knowledge of the target language

-Tell them they will be working on some holiday related collocations -They match the pictures with the correct collocations individually -Pair check with their partner -FB on the board with cut-ups, Ss come to the board and stick the words under the correct pictures Instructions and ICQs: -Now you will be working on some holiday related vocabulary-collocations -You will work individually and match these pictures to the correct phrases

Lexis presentation (10 minutes) • To provide students with vocabulary clarification in terms of meaning, form and pronunciation

-Go over the collocations one by one first to clarify and check the meaning with CCQs -Focus on the form of collocations and elicit "they consist of a verb + a noun" -Drill each of them to practise pronunciation and stress CCQs: Arrive at the hotel/resort: Do you reach the hotel or leave the hotel? Book a flight: Where do you buy your ticket? online or at the travel agency? Check out of the hotel: Is it your first day or last day at the hotel? Do you reach the hotel or leave the hotel? Choose a destination: Are you deciding where to go or where to stay? Do the packing: Do you prepare your luggage or empty them? Find your way around: Do you need a tourist guide or a map? Pay a deposit: Do you pay the whole amount or a small part of it when you are booking a room? Pick up some holiday brochures: Why do you get the brochures? To show your friends or to choose a destination?

Test-Ordering Activity (7 minutes) • Check students' use of the target language with a controlled practice

-The students work individually and order the steps of going on a holiday -They pair check their answers -FB on the board-Ss come to the board and write Instructions and ICQs: -Now you will look at the same collocations again, but this time you need to put them in the correct order? -What is the first thing you should do before going on holiday? Think about the phrases we talked about. (pick up some holiday brochures) -You also need to think about if they are before or after the flight? (Chesting to show them there are two categories on the handout) -Picking up some brochures is the first step yes, so is it after the flight? -Please put the holiday collocations in the correct order.

Freer practice (16 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

-First they take some short notes about their last holiday using the collocations (on their own) -When they are ready, they work in pairs and talk about their last holiday using holiday collocations -When the pairs are done with talking about their last holiday, they swap partners and talk to someone else -This can repeat several times according to the number of students (I can say you should talk to 3 different people and listen to their holidays) -When they finish, they can decide on the best holiday -WC FB on the content -Error correction based on the monitoring during discussions Instructions and ICQs: -Now, let's learn about your last holiday. Think about the last holiday you had and take some notes. You should use these holiday collocations that you've learnt -When you are ready, you will stand up, walk around and talk to as many people as you can, and tell them about your last holiday -You should also listen to your friends very carefully, because everybody will choose the best holiday that they've heard at the end Are you talking to one person or a lot of people? Do you just talk about your holiday or listen to them as well? If time activity: If I still have time after feedback, I will use the collocations to create a story. I will give them a beginning sentence and the class will continue by using the the target language.

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