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TP 8
Upper-intermediate level


In this lessonn the students will talk about giving reasons and explanation s and speculating. They will read about some small ads and try to find out the stories behind these small ads. At first they read an article to answer some questions about the circled small ad. They will discuss to make suggestions for making their own stories behind the items. After discussing they will work together to write up their story from the notes they made.


Abc Photocopies of small ads
Abc Talking about small ads and the stories behind them
Abc Free writing activity
Abc Handout with snippets#2

Main Aims

  • To provide practice in speaking for fluency telling an unusual stıry based on information from some small ads.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and scan to predict and speculate the questions from the snippets about the small ads.


Warmer (3-6 minutes) • To set a context and engage the Ss.

The teacher ask some questions about advertisments like if they read or watch advertisments.Give instructions that the students will watch some funny ads on the projector. The teacher will pause the ad and ask them to guess what is it about,Encourage the Ss to talk about the funny ads.

Pre-Teach Vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • Present vocabulary found in the text to students before encountering it for themselves

On WB, wriite beg,disappoint,heartbreaking,insist,marriage,marry,propose, sketch,wedding, wonder, Ask them which of them do they know and which of them they don't.Define the words that they don't know drill and do CCQ(s) if you think they are still unsure.

Lead in (4-6 minutes) • To engage students and set a context

T give the photocopies, tell the students to look at the circled ad and ask them what is it and where is it from. Getting some opinions, T ask them if they or anyone they know has ever bought anything from a small ads page. Ask what the object is exactly in the circled ads, who would wear it, when,where and why ? Ask Ss why the person might be selling it and give them three or four minutes to talk about possible reasons with their neighbours. Listen to their suggestions.

Reading&Prediction (3-6 minutes) • To read for gist and then talk about the first snippet.

Explain that the article tells the true story behind the wedding dress.The Ss fold the paper and read the first snippet only and talk about the questions with their partner. The students will read the snippet and try to guess or speculate the answer of Why did Felicity fly back to Melbourne ? Encourage the Ss to guess as much as possible answers to the question before giving the real one. Giving the real one and discussing whose prediction is closer to the text.

Reading&Prediction#2 (7-10 minutes) • To read for gist and then talk about the rest of first snippets.

The Ss unfold the paper and read the article.The students will read the rest of snippet and try to guess or speculate the answer. Ss repeat the process with the other snippets and questions. T listen to Ss suggestions. After disscussing a while on the possible answers and ask them to stand up and go to the wall to check the answers and their predictions. Getting FB by asking if they are surprised by the answer.

Speaking (10-17 minutes) • To practise speaking for fluency

Put the Ss in groups of three or four if possible if not ask them to work with their partners. Tell them to read the other ads. Ask if they are any words or details they don't understand and explain,Tell them to discuss the ads and think of the story behind the items and why they are being advertised. Tell them to try to think of unusual stories for each ad.Listen as they discuss try to encourage them to make suggestions for making their stories more interesting.Ask them who they think will want the items. Listen them and do error corrections of drilling if possible.

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