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Prepositions of Place
Beginner Level level


In this lesson, the sts will be learning prepositions of place. They will be expected to expand upon their previous knowledge- personal objects, "wh" questions, contractions, forms of "to be", etc.)The sts will learn how to ask one another the locations of objects and people in relationship to each other. They will be expected to formulate sentences at the end of the lesson.


Abc Where is the cat? HO
Abc Straightforward Beginner Student's Book
Abc Straightforward Beginner Teacher's Book
Abc Speaking Exercise
Abc Create a Sentence HO
Abc Hacky Sack (ball)

Main Aims

  • Prepositions of place

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and vocabulary- personal possessions
  • Writing complete sentences.


Warm-up/Introduction (5-7 minutes) • Introduce the sts to the TL (prepositions)

On WB. write the TL words (on, in (inside), in front of, next to, behind, and under). Tell the sts to read the words aloud together. Model the meaning of the TL using the hacky sack and a table and a bag. (make sure the sts know BALL, BAG, etc) (Example, ball is IN the bag UNDER the table/ bag is UNDER the table, ball is NEXT TO the table...etc.) Demonstrate the meanings. Have the sts STAND UP.Place a pencil somewhere (example, place the pencil under the table) TOSS the ball and ask: "Where is the pencil?" The student who catches it has to answer "The pencil is under the table." The sts will then toss the ball around asking and answering questions to one another. (Depending on where the T places the items).

Where's the Cat? (10-12 minutes) • Learn the TL

Explain the directions to this activity using a demo. Break the sts into pairs. (student A and student B). They are to ask each other questions to complete the drawing. (There are 2 drawings each: one to ask questions, and the other to answer questions) For example Drawing#1- Student A will ask Student B..."Where are the keys?" Student B will answer, "The keys are in front of the table" Student A will then DRAW the keys on their paper according to how Student B answered. The pictures should match in the end. Have the sts peer check their work.

Speaking Exercise (13-15 minutes) • Strengthen TL through speaking

In this activity, the goal is to have a student be able to DESCRIBE an image and have one of their peers be able to draw the image they are describing. Break the sts into pairs. (A and B) Explain the directions with a demo on the WB. Give the "A students" the "Speaking Exercise HO (part A) Have the sts compare drawings. Give the "B Students" Speaking Exercise HO part B. They will do the same. (Monitor the sts to be sure they are using the vocabulary and prepositions.)

Create a Sentence (12-14 minutes) • Practice building sentences

The students will be asked to build sentences using the images and names on the "Create a Sentence" HO. Explain the directions by giving a demo on the WB. *Make sure it's similar to the images in the handout The sts will work alone, but check their answers in GROUPS OF 3. Try to get sts to write the sentences on the WB ! Have their peers help them if needed.

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