Zohreh Karami Zohreh Karami

Beginner, Level 2 level


In this lesson students are going to learn weather vocabulary through explanation,visualization and auditory techniques.This lesson is selected from American English Files Starter Book.Students are beginner level 2.In language analysis students are going to learn the form and meaning through explanation, visualization, and auditory techniques.Pronunciation is learnt through hand movement.


Abc Powerpoint slides, flashcards, audio recorder, pieces of paper

Main Aims

  • To enable students to practice weather words (rainy, snowy, sleet, blizzard,...) in the context of weather news

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of Weather and travel


Weather (15-20 minutes) • To enable students to get familliar with weather vocabulary and talk about different weather situations

1.Ask students about their favorite seasons and weather.2.Present weather vocabulary.3.Listen to different weather sounds.4.Recognize weather situations according to cline model and season wheel.5.Choose a city in the weather map for travelling.

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