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Assessed TP 3
Pre-intermediate level


I this lesson students will be focussing on the context of jobs and film stars, I will link vocabulary to this subject. Once students know what the topic is about and practice the vocabulary, they can then practice speaking.


Abc Hand out with excercises
Abc Explanation of prepositions with 'work'

Main Aims

  • To provide review, clarification and practice of lexis on employment and work in the context of celebrities and employment.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of employment.


Warmer/ lead in (5-6 minutes) • For students to think of titles of jobs and to set the context of "employment"

I will prepare the blackboard with all the letters of the alphabet in black pen, with enough room in between letters to be able to write the word before setting the activity, an extra H will be written for my example. Then I will divide the class in half into 2 teams and ask them to move so they are able to see and hear each other. Then I will explain that they should think of names of jobs and I will give the first example, "Hairdresser begins with H and it is the name of a job". I will ask students to use all the letters on the WB once and ask them to think of names of jobs beginning with these letters. They will have 2 mins to brainstorm. Starting with group A I will ask student team by team to tell me what they have found. Each team's job's name I will write on the board next to the letter it starts with using a red pen for team A and a blue pen for team B. The team who comes up with the jobs starting with the most letters on the WB will be the winning team.

Speaking exercise 1 (8-10 minutes) • For students to guess "who is the famous person" from the passage I will read describing the job of the US president.

• I will start by explaining that we have looked at jobs and types of jobs, and that now we will look at somebody famous. • I will ask them to listen and think about who the description is about. I will tell them to write any words down that they did not understand. • Then I will read the description for the first time. • I will then ask them if they had any difficulty with any words and explain the vocab through description, definition or use of synonyms and antonyms. • If the students understand all the words and did not note down any vocab that they did not understand, I will then go over some key words "deal with", "well paid", "temporary" and use CCQs to check their understanding. • I will write the key vocab on the side of the WB and leave it there throughout the lesson. • Then I will read the text again and divide students into pairs, they will discuss who they think it is for 1 minute. • WCFB.

Speaking exercise 2 (9-11 minutes) • For students to be able to give a short description of a job to the person they are working with so that the other person can guess it.

• I will move on from the last exercise by telling students that it is their turn to describe a job. • I will tell students to think of 3 sentences to describe the job I will give them, like the last task described the president’s job. • Then I will go over useful vocabulary (see vocab HO) with the students again. (2-3 mins) • I will hand out the jobs, explain that they shouldn’t show their ‘job’ to anyone else, and give them 2 minutes to think of 3 sentences. • I will then pair the students and ask the A students to start and the B students to guess. • After a minute or 2 I will then ask the B students to ask and the A students to guess.

Explanation of the prepositions that follow work (to, in, for) (6-7 minutes) • For students to understand the prepositions that follow work and when to use them.

• I will start by writing 3 sentences on the board: 1. I work……….many different people. 2. I work……….a shop in Istinye shopping mall. 3. I work……….a popular women’s clothes company. • Then I will give students 3 words to fill in the gaps ‘for, with and in’ • They will discuss it for one minute in pairs and then we will have WCFB • From there I will draw the diagram shown in the Teacher’s book and give more explanation to offer clarity.

Celebrities and their previous jobs (9-11 minutes) • Introduce the context of celebrities and for students to complete exercise 1

• I will start this activity by saying that now we have looked at normal jobs; we will now look at celebrities. • I will put pictures of Tom Cruise, Madonna and Brad Pitt on the WB with jobs they wanted or had before their career. • I will divide the students into 4 groups and ask them to discuss which job matches the celebrity (2 mins). • We will then have WCFB. • Through chesting I will explain the first exercise of the vocabulary section. • I will explain that they have to choose the correct form and circle it in pairs (3 minutes). • WCFB.

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