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In this lesson students will learn about some famous places in the world within a reading activity followed by vocabulary one that enhances some other famous places moving from the controlled practice activity to the free-controlled one .


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Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about exciting destinations in the context of travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of holiday words in the context of travel
  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of travel


warmer (2-4 minutes) • set the context

I will try to link my lesson to the previous one by expressing my desire to travel far away and tasting the international food which Gulsat mentioned about in the previous however ı cant travel now because i don't have enough money and time .Hence i will think of other option to see the world without moving which can be done through internet . I will do a virtual tour .

Reading (3-5 minutes) • Pre-teaching

I will select some words from the text which i know my students wont be able to understand and teach them using the MFP methodology.

Reading (1-2 minutes) • Skimming for gist

Students will be given a text which they have to read very quickly and individually in a time limit of one minutes,then they will have a set of three sentences ,they will be asked to choose one as the main idea of the texts.Once finished, they are encouraged to check with their partner.

Reading (3-5 minutes) • reading for specific information

In this stage İ will distribute a T/F handouts. Ss have to scan the text individually and answer the questions within a time limit of 3 minutes .when they finish, they cam check their answers with their partner.

Reading (3-5 minutes) • Post reading

İ will give Ss an exercise where they have to match each item with its appropriate word. Ss are asked to work in pairs and within a time limit of three minutes.Then they can check their answers with the other peers. then they will be given the answer key.

vocabulary (5-8 minutes) • Guided discovery

İ will post pictures of some famous monuments on the WB and give Ss pieces of paper where the name of that monument is written . Ss are asked to stand up and match the name they have with its right picture. Then we will elicit what each country is famous for . İ aim to make them use this expression : '' Famous for ''

vocabulary (5-8 minutes) • Enhancing understanding

İ will divide the class into two groups A and B .the Group A will be given definition without a noun where group B are given the nouns .The definitions are various they are about places and adjectives. Ss have to find their partner with the right answer .Then we will take WCFB.

speaking (3-5 minutes) • practice the TL

Ss are encouraged to do the previous task by themselves . They will write sentences of a place with some adjectives and mention about what it is famous for but without mentioning the name .then they will exchange the papers and every group has to guess the name of the place

speaking (2-3 minutes) • communication STT

every student tells his favorite destinatito his partner on and he has to mention about the reason . For example :My favourite destibnation is ............because its famous for................

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