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Copy of Reported speech
Intermediate, New Inside Out, page 77 level


In this lesson students will learn "reported speech statements". The main aim is grammar. There are some controlled and freer practice for this grammar and the lead in would be a short movie. As a freer practice students will ask each other what they like, make notes about their answers and then report them to their classmates.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of reported speech statement in the context of gossiping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of gossiping and talk about what they like.


lead in (3-5 minutes) • to engage students' attention and interest toward the lesson.

Students will watch part of a movie without any sound, then they are supposed to write the dialogues based on what they see. After that, they are going to report to other students what they wrote and what happened in that part of the film. Instruction: watch the film without sound and take note of the dialogues. Write what do they say individually. give students example. ICQ: write alone or in pair? ( alone) Write the sentence or question? ( sentence)

Presentation (5-8 minutes) • to clarify the meaning of reported statements.

Teacher will elicit students' answers and wrote it on the board then teacher will ask students what did they say and write on the other side of the board " she said that...." and ask students to finish the sentence.if they couldn't teacher will give them the answer. after that, teacher will check if they understand the meaning of reported statements. CCQs: students will repeat the sentences on the board.

exercise (4-6 minutes) • to practice the reported statements' form and meaning.

students will do the exercise 1 as a whole class and teacher mentions the difference between tell and say. example 2 teacher will elicit from students. students will do number 3 individually then in pair will check together. Finally teacher will show the answers on the board.

Freer practice (15-20 minutes) • to focus on fluency and speaking

1- students in pair will ask each other some questions and take note of the answers. then they will change their partner and report for other students. Feedback 2- Students will work in pair ans say some sentences and the other student must say the contradiction. ex, student A: I am married Student B: but you said you were single. 3- teacher tells students that in pair tell two lie about the other classmates and the teacher then they should stand up and report the lie they heard to other students. finally teacher will elicit their answers and gives them feedback.

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