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Teaching Practice 4
Elementary level


In this lesson students will learn to tell their story through listening to a famous singer telling her story. They will sequence main events through matching pictures to extracts from the recording, completing a gap-fill exercise which will prepare them for writing and speaking about their own lives.


Abc HO1 match pics to recording - Marlene's life
Abc HO2 Gap-fill Retell Marlene's story
Abc HO3 Telling your life story

Main Aims

  • To integrate skills of listening and speaking using the stimulus of a true story

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review the past simple tense


Setting the context (8-10 minutes) • Prepare sts for listening to the life story of a Welsh singer..

Set the context by giving each table a map of British Isles / project on WB if possible. Ask sts to look at the map. Which country is it? (Britain) Which country is the shaded? (Wales) Give out Wales maps/ project on WB. Can you see Swansea? Today we are going to learn about a singer from Swansea. We are going to listen to Marlene's life story. Pre-teach /elicit important vocabulary: daughter, (boy / girl?) graduated, (Did she go to university? Did she pass her exams?) professional (Is it a free time activity? /Does she get paid for what she does?)

Listening to recording (6-7 minutes) • Listening for gist

Look at the pictures of the Marlene's life. Sts will listen to Marlene's story and match pictures to sections of the text. Work in pairs. Quick feedback - WC sts give answers.

Retelling Marlene's story (7-9 minutes) • listening for detailed information

Sts will listen again, completing the sentences retelling the main events of Marlene's life. Work in pairs. Sts discuss answers in their group. T will monitor. FB answer key. Discuss any specific difficulties. This will activity will prepare them to write similar sentences about their own lives.

Writing a biography (8-10 minutes) • To use past simple tense to sequence and write sentences about main life events

Brainstorm main events of life: birth, school, university, job, getting married, having children. Sts will tell their own life story by write sentences (about 6) sequencing their main life events. Students can use the sentences from previous activity as a model for their own sentences. T will monitor and give immediate FB / error correction. FB to whole class any significant general misconceptions, particularly regarding use of past simple tense.

Sharing life stories (7-9 minutes) • To use past tense to talk about personal experiences

Sts will then mingle with other students and share their life stories. T will monitor. Bring class back together for FB.

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