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Speaking ( when was ...)
Elementary level


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice using the past tense using time phrases ( yesterday , last week , ago )

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy : pronunciation of some time phrases


Warmer/Lead-in (3-6 minutes) • To ilicit the meaning of "ago" and how its used .

T will hang on the white board images of two dead popular ( Turkish figures ) Suleiman Demirel ( died June 2015) , and Kemal Sunal (died in 2000), two alive "should " know figures princess Charlotte (born May 2, 2015) and prince George of Cambridge (born July 22 2013) , and 2 pictures of inventions, the internet (invented 1989) and the invention of the light (in 1879). Under each paper i will put 3 different formats for the date ( a. before 2015, 5 years ago , after 2015). I'll distribute the questions with answers to each student, they will read the question and read and the answer . Then i'll ask each sts to come to the board and hang the question/answer next to their picture. ICQs Please look at the board. Do you know you who is in picture ?( teacher points at the x president picture ). She does that for the six pictures. Is he did or alive? For Princess Charlotte and Prince George, teacher will just say their names and try to get the students guess that they are Princes Williams' children. What did we learn yesterday in Omar class ( to illicit the invention of the internet ) What did we learn in Kaan class ( to illicit the invention of light) Once T makes sure students understand the picture . She will hand a paper cut. Now read the questions. She does chesting. Points to the 3 answers . Choose 1 answer. Come to the board and stick it next to the picture . After they all take turns , i will highlight the word " ago" draw a circle around it and some external lines to illicit that numbers, and certain words come before " ago" ( 5 years ago , 8 months, 2 days, 1week ago) . Then i'll nominate a student and ask a random question ( when did you start learning English? ) hoping to get an answer 2 months ago or something equivalent to that . The i'll ask the students to ask each other a question for example about hobbies or habits eg Do you have a hobby? yes When did you start ( hobby) ? 2 years ago . If the answer was no , students can ask either about cooking , exercising, school ...etc or Do you cook ? Yes When did you start ? i started cooking 10 years ago. Then i will ask one students to tell me what they were asked , and i'll ask their pair about the answer as a form of FB While sts are asking each other questions, i'll take notes for delayed error correction

Time phrases (8-13 minutes) • To expose student to common used time phrases

T will divide the ss into two groups , group A and group B, she will give them paper cuts of different time phrases and asks them to arrange the time phrases in a chronological order . Sts will stand up , arrange the papers on the wall ( past ---> now) . This will be phase 1 of the game . The instruction will be as follow. T will model the concept by drawing a time line on the board, on the right end of the arrow she will write "now" on the far left side of the arrow she will write past. She will have 3 paper cuts with her , one written on it "2 minutes ago" , and the other one "last week" and the 3rd ( 2 years ago), she will nominate 2 students to solve it infront of the class first ( she will choose the weak ones ) and do correction if they did a mistake . Once this is done, T will strat her instructions. 1- T will make eye contact with sts and using hand gestures " you will be in group A and will be in group B" 2- Group A this side ( she will point to the right side of the wall ) is for you . 3- Group B this side ( she will point to the left side of the wall ) is for you. ICQS: Looks at group A and points to the left wall, is that for you ? No Looks at group B and points to the right wall, is that for you ? No SS confirm which side of the wall is for them. Now here are your paper cuts she doesn't (hand them out yet). points out to the group you must work together, you must put them in order from old to new like we did on the board . First team finish , will say "finished" ICQs Selma : what will we do with the paper ? T waits for response before starting the game . When we finish , What do we say? T waits for response Do we work alone? T waits for an answer T hands out the paper and sts start phase 1 of the game, T checks the answers and gives the winners a point. Phase 2 . Teacher will ask teams, to complete the time phrases ( last weekend i went to the cinema, two weeks ago i ate ice cream). T will point out spelling is not important, as long as they can read it . The team who writes more sentences in 3 min gets a point . T will model it first T instruction , she will seat the sts somewhere they can see , and write their work, chooses the phrase when i was 12 i met my best friend , and chooses another. . ICQs Do we write or a long sentence or short sentence ? Do we need to fast or slow ? Once time is up Sts will read their sentences out loud for each other.

Jotting down notes for error correction (1-2 minutes) • To provide delayed feedback on students' production and use of language

T will take some notes on sts errors. She will do delayed error correction

Mumble drill (3-5 minutes) • Practice pronunciation

T will try to do a mumble drill for 3 phrases ( last night, two week ago, when i was 12) T will say bla blah blah "phrase" blah blah blah Gesture to the whole class to repeat , does this 3-5 times . Gestures to the group on the right , gestures to the group on the left and so on

Board Game (when was the last ...) (15-17 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

T will pair students , and hand out each pair a board game , with die . The aim of the game is to help students practice the TL , every time they throw the die, they move their button accordingly and ask their partner a question starting when was the last time and they complete their question by reading the block. they will play until they will reach the finish sign. If some finished early they will play another round. Once the game ends . Teacher will do error correction and open FB at the end . Instruction & modelling T shows them the board game, and die? She will seat every pair on a table. You throw the die , what no. did i get ? She will move the button accordingly and ask " Selma : When was the last time "bought" clothes ? Selma answers . Teacher draws their attention , to the past tense format ( she will hand a list) Teacher will write a sample on the white boards. ICQs Is this is a game? Do we ask question? Do you ask me questions? After the game is done , i will ask questions for further practice Saleh when was the last time Filize went to a holiday? Saleh will answer Then i will ask one from group A to ask a question from group B about their partner ICQs, Did i ask Saleh about him or about his partner? Students then will ask other players random questions from the board game about the other player's partner

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