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TP8 Lexical lesson on Memorabilia
Pre Intermediate A" level


In this lesson the students will learn the about 'Memorabilia' within a lexical format Working out the meaning of unknown words within this context. by reading a short article and discussing their opinions on certain forms of memorabilia.


Abc Straightforward Pre Intermediate
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Main Aims

  • To provide students with the understanding and meaning of memorabilia within a lexical format in the context of Ataturk items.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Debate in the context of Ataturk memorabilia


Warmer/ Lead in (5-8 minutes) • To set the lesson context and enngage the students

The teacher will show the students a necklace or a similar item of perceived value to the class and explain to the students that this item was once worn by John Lennon and purchased in an auction. The teacher will elicit from the students the meaning of the word "auction" by giving other examples of items that might be sold at a car....a house.... The teacher will lead the discussion towards celebrities and strange items sold at auction. IE, a lock of Napolean's hair. The teacher will lead the students towards what this type of product is called within the auction industry.. The students may never have heard of the word Memorabilia so the teacher may have to write this on the WB.

Task number 1 (5-10 minutes) • To provide more context to the meaning of the word Memorabilia

The teacher will show the class HO1 and explain to the students what will done. ICQ's will be used by the teacher to make sure the students understand. The students will work alone first to fill in the blanks within the article and then in pairs to peer check their answers, The teacher will hand out an answer sheet to finalise the correct answers. Some CCQ's the teacher can ask Do Christie's and Sotheby's only sell art? No What is memorabilia? Where can you buy Memorabilia?

Task number 2 (15-20 minutes) • To introduce and discuss the main context Ataturk Memorabilia

The Teacher will show an article from a newspaper explaining some Ataturk memorabilia being presented to a museum. A whole class discussion on the opinions of this. Should items like this be held only in a museum? Should they be placed up for sale? If so why? Is it right or wrong to even place a value on items like this.? Where have the Ss seen Ataturk memorabilia? Do they have or know of someone who has items like this? List some other examples of Ataturk memorabilia. These questions will be written up and presented to the class as HO2. The class will be broken up into groups of 3 where these questions can be discussed and answered. The teacher will then elicit from each group their answers to these questions.

Free practice (10-15 minutes) • To get the students to show meaning of the term Memorabilia from items they have.

The teacher will put the class into groups of 3 (depending on the total numbers within the class). The teacher will explain to the class and to each group t come up with one item per student that they feel has some value. Ie Art, music, letters. etc.... The teacher will explain that the students are to imagine they are taking this item to an auction for sale. They can discuss this item with their groups and then the teacher will get each student to explain to the class what this item is and why they feel it has "value" for an auction. The class will decide which items they would buy at an auction and which items they think is the most unique. The teacher will write the unique items on the WB

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