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Welcome to Thailand. Jigsaw reading
Elementary A1/A2 level


In this lesson the students are going to do some jigsaw reading and share their ideas about different cities of the same country. By the end of the lesson the will be able to use modal verb “can” in the context of holiday activities and pleasure. In addition to it, they will cover some new vocabulary related with holiday, drill it through repetion and pronunciation as well as use in speaking through controlled and semi controlled practice.


Main Aims

  • Reading/predicting from the picture/jigsaw reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammar/usage of the modal verb “can” in the context of holiday activities


pre-reading/prediction from the pictures (3-5 minutes) • brainstorming

1) Stick some pictures of Thailand cities (Bankok and Phuket to the board. 2) Ask the students to focus on pictures and questions like Have you ever been to Thailand? What do you know about it? Here are Bangkok and Phuket. These places are in Thailand. Ask the students to imagine that they live in these cities. Tell them that you need their help to decide where to go. I came to Bangkok but I want to go to Phuket. What can I do in these places? Some ideas about places: are they cheap/expensive? Weather? People? 3) Get the students work on their own to write about 5-6 things you can do/visit/see in these places. 4) Ask them to divide the paper in two tables and think of the ideas using pictures on the board. Solo work./SWB ICQ: are you going to speak? –No Are you going to work together? Will you help each other? No What do you need to do? – to write ideas about activities. (3 min) 4) Get the students come close to each other and share their ideas. Ask them to check and add more activities. 5) Get feed back from the students through checking their ideas by oral eleciting.

focus on lexis (3-5 minutes) • review vocabulary related with holidays/summeries brainstorming

1) Summaries the ideas and write some phrases related with holiday on the board (students’ ideas) Go to a restaurant Go swimming Do shopping Go sightseeing Go dancing (S-T-WB)

Pre-teach reading/vocabulary according to pictures and the context (3-5 minutes) • extend vocabulary

1) add more ideas about holiday activities related with pictures and context. Relax /rɪˈlæks/ Travel round the island /ˈaɪ.lənd/ Bozburun, kinali Turkish islands Eat fresh fish Enjoy a quite walk under the stars Visit beautiful temples /ˈ̩/ palaces /ˈpæl.ɪsiz/ Take a boat trip on the river /bəʊt/ 2. focus on driling the words/phrases by pronunciation (Solo, group, choral)

Jigsaw reading (5-7 minutes) • checking comprehension

1) The students in two groups: Bangkok/Phuket Ask them to work in groups of 3 and read different texts about these places. Ask them to check if they were right or not in their predictions. (GW) Tell the students to add more activities in their list and get them find all : 7 in Bangkok and 7 in Phuket 2) Get the feed back from the students by checking the list of the activities one can do and write some new phrases on the board (S-T) 3) set up the board with prases realted with activities like Rent a motorbike /rent/ /ə/ /ˈməʊ.tə.baɪk/ Relax /rɪˈlæks/ Sunbathe /ˈsʌn.beɪð/ Travel round the island /ˈaɪ.lənd/ Bozburun, kinali Turkish islands Eat fresh fish Enjoy a quite walk under the stars Bangkok Go sightseeing /ˈsaɪtˌsiː.ɪŋ/ Visit beautiful temples /ˈ̩/ Amazing Royal palace /ˈrɔɪ.əl/ /ˈpæl.ɪs/ Take a boat trip on the river /bəʊt/ Go shopping in the markets Enjoy Thai food Go dancing what about weather/ hotels

Jigsaw reading/ stage 2 :sharing the information (7-10 minutes) • check comprehension

1) Ask one group of students Bangkok to write their names on the other part of the paper and stand in a row 2) The other group will take the card with the name and choose the partner. Get the students to stand face to face. 3) Ask the students to tell each other why they should go to these places. Ask them to share ideas about what they have read. Get them speak as much as possible and name the place they may visit and do.( PW face to face) 4) Use board to help the students to use the following phrases: It’s a nice place to visit because there are…. You can….. There are amazing/beautiful…. It’s a good idea to …… because you can …. 5) Monitor students/observe them/note interesting language mistakes for delayed feedback Write some phrase like It’s amazing place +go or to go In Bangkok you can + eat or to eat There are restaurant or restaurants

Speaking follow up (7-10 minutes) • speaking for accuracy through semicontrolled practice

1) Ask the students take their seats Ask 1 members from Puket group to come up to you and choose 1 from Bangkok by taking cards. Get the students to work in pairs . Get them take their texts and paper with activities and compare the places using “but”. (PW) Ask the students if they think that the places are similar or different. Think of the ideas how the places are different from each other. places that one city has but the other doesn’t/ make them speak about people/weather/ beaches/ sand/noise/quite ICQ: check if the students understand instructions. What is compare? What do they need to do? 2) Optional (PW) In case of time is enough, add more adjectives describing place and write them on the board. Ask the students to write sentences with but and compare places. 3) Write phrase like noisy/quite Clean/dirty Motorbikes/cars Sand/roads City/island Sea/river For example: Phuket is quite, but Bangkok is noisy. There are nightclubs in Bangkock but there aren’t any in Puket. There are beaches in Phuket but there aren’t any in Banghkok. You can use motorbikes in Phuket but you use cars in Banghkok. It’s hot in Phuket but it’s warm in Banghok. 4) Get the students change their pairs and compare what they found out. Get feed back by asking some of them.

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