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11.17.14 Jobs Vocabulary
Pre-Intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To introduce vocabulary related to work and jobs as well as a few example professions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students free time to speak with partners and employ the new vocabulary.


Intro (marshaling interest) (5-7 minutes) • To motivate students to engage with the vocabulary

Intro to the world of work.... We all need to do something... We all made it to this classroom today... Many of us ate breakfast this morning/ How? What processes occurred in order to enable this? Did we go milk the cows, harvest grind the wheat we grew in our field? No. Farmer > Truck Driver > Warehouse worker/stock?> Truck Driver> market inventory(sok, carfour, migros..) "Division of labor", in America only 3% of the population supplies enough food for everyone (in theory). this enables the rest of us to hold jobs specializing in other professions. I personally have had many jobs, I have worked as a 'porter' at an antiques dealer, as a painter's assistant at a car dealership, as a waiter at a sushi bar, as an English teacher in Brazil, as a flower delivery person, as a research assistant at the Political Science Department at Ohio University, as an associate at a bookstore on The Ohio State University's campus, as a community organizer for a non-profit trying to prevent the re-election of George W. Bush, I have worked as an intern for a Congressman who is now a US Senator, I am now working for an organization in Ankara that provides consulting services to NGOs businesses, and governments... Pre-teach Employment / Jobs/ Work Have students "break up into pairs/ find a partner sitting next to you" "one student pull out a blank sheet of paper and a pen, letter A-Z" Now, with your partner, see if you can come up with an example of a profession that begins w/ each letter.

Exercise 1 from page 187 (10-15 minutes) • to introduce sts to examples of professions

hand out pictures to half of the class and definitions/ professions to the other half, explain that that is what I am doing... Have sts w/ pictures find the matching occupation that it symbolizes. post on board the words/ occupation, mark stresses w/ marker say and repeat chorally/ individually w/ volunteers

Exercise 1 page 20 (9-13 minutes) • to get students introduced to vocabulary surrounding jobs/ professions

Ladies and gentlemen, please refer to your hand out and complete section 1a, place a check mark next to the terms you are familiar with. Please find a partner you have not worked with yet and complete the vocab/ definition match on page 123. go over new vocabulary/phrases/ expressions about work.

Exercise 1b and c priority ranking job likes (10-13 minutes) • To give students practice employing words about work and employment

Please rank the things you look for in a job with the options below, feel free to improvise For example when searching for a job I would like to find one that I feel contributes to a greater good. That is why I believe that a career in education is worthy of my time and effort. With your partner please to share the priorities you have when looking for a job. If time, find new partners and repeat. WC-Elicit students to share their priorities in work.

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