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Listening for gist, lexis in the context of lifestyle
A1 level


In this lesson SS the students will make listening for gist and specific information, they will practice lexis in the context of lifestyle.


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Main Aims

  • Main aim of the lesson is to provide listening for gist and specific information practice in the context of a man named Colin and his job.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sub aim is to provide practice of lexis in the context of lifestyle.


Lead In • To introduce the context of the lesson and to engage SS

T writes questions on the WB: -Where do you come from? -Where do you live? -Do you live in Turkey? -Do you live in France? -Do you speak Turkish language? -Do you speak French? -Do you like Ice cream? -Do you like Broccoli? -What do you like? T asks the 1st question "Where do you come from?" and answers himself in order to give SS the meaning of the question, as they might do not understand it. T pronounce the next question and asks SS to repeat it in chorus. After each question T points to one of the students and S should answer the asked question.

Pre-teach vocabulary • To provide SS with the meaning of the new words

T devices SS into two groups. T gives instructions: -I will give you some pictures with different words on one paper and the definition of the words on another paper. -You should match the picture and the definition. -The group who has more correct answers is the winner. ICQ -You have 3 minutes -What will you do? -How many minutes do you have? SS work in groups. T monitors. Feedback and praise (T reflects answers on the WB)

Gist listening • To enable SS to gain a general understanding of the text.

T gives HO and asks SS to look at the picture they see on the page. T asks questions: -Who is this person? -What is his job? T gives instructions: -Read the text please. -Think about the name of the text. -Talk to your partner about the text and the name of the text. -You have 5 minutes. ICQ -What will you do? -How many minutes do you have? Feedback T gives instructions: -Now listen to the recording of the text and read it again. ICQ -What will you do?

Listening for specific information • To find the types of the text mentioned in the extract

T gives instructions: -Please look at the questions in ex,2. Read them please. -On the right side you see the sentences with blanks. -I will play the recording of this conversation with Colin. - You will listen and fill the blanks. -I will play the recording 2 times. ICQ -What will you do? PW Feedback (one by one SS write correct answers on the board)

Clarification • To focus SS on a lexis of lifestyle

T tells some facts about himself using collocations with verbs from ex 4. T gives instructions to ex 4 -Look at ex 4 -Match a verb in A with a line in be. -Check in pairs -You have 5 minutes ICQ -How many minutes do you have? -What will you do? Feedback and praise

Post listening • To help SS to integrate what they have learned from the text.

T gives instructions -Now you will write about yourselves. You should use collocations\phrases from ex4 -When you finish tell your sentences to your partner. -You have 8 minutes ICQ -What will you do? How many minutes do you have? T monitors SS and provide error correction where needed. PW T gives instructions -You should stand up and change a partner to tell him your story. -You have 4 minutes ICQ -What will you do? -How many minutes do you have? PW Praise

If time activity • To practice "I do, i don't" and some food vocabulary

T gives HO with the lyrics of the song where some words are missing. T gives instruction: -Read the text first. Some words are missing there. -You will listen to the song two times and write the missing words. -Swap papers with your partner and check each other. T provides ICQ -What will you do first? -How many times will you listen to the song? -What will you do next? SS read and listing to the song. PW T gives answer key

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