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Reading "Idols and Icons"
Intermediate class level


In this lesson students will learn about celebrities that were icons in human history; the text will be presenting mini-biographical short section about these people; students are required to go through the three reading strategies (pre reading, reading for a gist, and close reading) to understand the role of each celebrity and his/her contribution and impact into human life.


Abc English File, Student e-Book 4th Edition; Intermediate level

Main Aims

  • Help students to apply an active reading of a few mini-biographies for some celebrities who marked human history

Subsidiary Aims

  • Understand new vocabulary related to celebrities and their positive contribution within people's lives


Warmer/Lead-in (3-7 minutes) • To generate students' interest about the topic of idols and stars

T greets Ss and shows them their daily secret message (motivational funny quote) -T shows the Ss two different pictures and then ask them to discuss what are they about -Ss are given 3 minutes in breakout rooms to discuss the content of the pictures - T elicits from the Ss the answers

Pre-Reading/ Topic vocabulary (Vocabulary teaching and prediction task) (4-12 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible; avoid any understanding blogging

Task1: T shows pictures and elicits MFP for the following words: (Icon, Legend, Magnificent and Influential) using ECDWS to elicit their features from Ss Task2: T shows the picture and teh title and the text and asks students to guess what is about: T will listen to one or two Ss then move on

While-Reading/ Skimming; scanning and close reading (10-16 minutes) • Help students to apply active reading techniques for better understanding (Please notice that I included skimming, scanning and close reading all together under one big procedure)

1T will give students 5 minutes to read the short sections of mini-biography 2T will give students 1 mn to read the questions and then send them to Zoom rooms for discussing their answers 3 Ss will compare their answers with Answer Key 4 Ss will read first the second task questions (matching activity whose celebity did what) and re read again the text then go back for break out rooms again to discuss their answers 5Ss will compare their answers with Answer Key 6 Ss will accomplish the last task (gap filling) finding out the names (the oldest, the literature icon; and the activist for Black African American struggle) 7 go back for break out rooms again to discuss their answers 8Ss will compare their answers with Answer Key

Post-Reading/ (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

T will ask the ss to discuss if they have like by any chance of these stars or anyone else and why? T wil let students discuss their opions as a very short discussion section to reflect upon the text and connect it with ss' lives.

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