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describe your neighbors
upper-intermediate level


in this lesson student are going to learn a list of adjectives to describe their neighbors and use it through some conversations based on neighbors. the lesson starts by a kind of magic trick where student will choose a random number and do a calculation process and the result going to be related to my topic (neighbor). second student will make some conversation about the topic. finally there is a controlled activity and a free activity via a final role play speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of neighbors

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of some adjectives to describe neighbors. in the context of neighbors


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

-divide the class into pairs and ask them to pick up a small piece of paper and write down and to work secretly : ask the class to think of a two-digit number. EX.96. add both digits (EX.9+6=15). subtract the total from the original number (EX. 96 - 15 =81). find the symbol that corresponds to the final number, then find the name of the topic that corresponds to the symbol. -monitoring and provide help if needed. - ask the ss to discuss the definition of their topic with their partners secretly. - invite feedback.

set the task (2-5 minutes) • to familiarise ss more with the task

-when ss realize that they all have the same topic, i will show them some more definitions of neighbor. EX. a person who keeps you awake at night. and mention that he is a noisy. a person who helps you in the time of need. mention that he is reliable. - T asks ss do you want to live next door to noisy neighbor?why? allow time to think in pairs.

controlled practice (3-5 minutes) • to prepare the student for another semi-controlled activity.

hand the ss a list of adjectives we might use to describe our neighbors. Place each word under one of the headings : things you want ... things you don't want .... things you are ok with. monitoring invite feedback

setting the task (3-5 minutes) • to familiarise ss more with the task

tell an old short story that shows how was the relationship between neighbors and compare it with the recent time. - ask ss if they got the chance to choose their neighbors, how they going to do that ? - give time to think in pairs.

simi-controlled practice (8-10 minutes) • to prepare the student for the free speaking activity.

-divide the class into four groups. -you are owner of a building and you have an empty flat and you have to choose only one person from four. discuss together who you are going to choose\ avoid?why? -monitoring -invite feedback

production (speaking) (5-10 minutes) • to get ss to use the language they learnt to iteract in a realistic and meaningful way. also to exchange information and opinions

tell ss that all of you are living in the same neighborhood. so u have to describe yourself and them. And you have to convince your neighbors that you are a good neighbor or you will get out. you can decide who you want them to stay and who you want them to leave?why? monitoring take notes for any mistakes give feedback

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