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Fast food lesson TP1a (Marieke Steuben)
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson students practice reading to skim, scan, and understand with a short biography of the founder of KFC. The lesson starts with a discussion about fast food and students relate this to their own experiences. Next students skim the written text to create a timeline of events, and then read the text again carefully for understanding. They will answer questions about the text and check each other's answers.


Abc F2F pre-Int Unit 2a p 12

Main Aims

  • To give students practice reading for skimming, scanning and in detail, using a short biography of the founder of KFC.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To expose students to past simple; regular/irregular; and positive/negative.


Warm up (6-8 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

1) Introduce self. We are still learning your names. Ask students to write names on cards or paper and place on desks. 2) WC - hold up picture of hamburgers/fries. Ask the class: What is this? Do you like fast food? What kind of fast food is this? Where does it come from? What is Turkish fast food? How often do you eat fast food? 3) Movement - Ask students to line up around the room in order of how often they eat fast food. Every day - at one end. Never - at the other end. Indicate where they should stand and that they should talk to each other to put themselves into order. Start at one end to get FB - How often do you eat fast food? and go around the line. Sit down again.

Introduction to topic (6-8 minutes) • To introduce the topic of fast food and relate to students' experience

1) In small groups or pairs where they are sitting: make a list of fast food restaurants in Turkey. As many as you can think of. How many can you name? (2 minutes) 2) WC discussion - What are some fast food restaurants you have in Turkey? What do they sell? Which fast food restaurants do you go to? Which is your favorite? What do you usually buy? (See HO exercise 1) 3) Hold picture of KFC sign. Does anyone have KFC on their list? Do you know KFC? What do the letters "KFC" stand for? Where does KFC come from? Do you know this man (point to Colonel Sanders)? Write "Colonel" on WB and model pronunciation. Explain: He is the man who started KFC. His picture is on the sign.

Reading for skimming (10-12 minutes) • Practice reading for skimming by putting events in order

1) Holdup HO and explain. You will read a short article about Colonel Sanders and answer some questions. First, you will read quickly. Then you will put these events in order - point to exercise 2a. Put them in order - first to last. Read quickly - you have 5 minutes. Work with someone new - in pairs. Ask them to move around if needed. 2) Pass around handouts. Write on WB the shortened versions of events in Ex. 2a. travelled 250,000 miles a year. father died. became service station manager. sold KFC. developed secret recipe. learned to cook. 3) Pre-teach vocabulary: service station, secret, spokesman, recipe. 4) Students read and put events in order, in pairs. (5 minutes) 5) WC - ask someone to come up to whiteboard and label the events in order (1-6). Ask the rest to check the answers. Go through anything that they seem confused about.

Reading for comprehension (12-15 minutes) • To re-read the text for better comprehension, and answer questions

1) Hold up HO. Now you will answer some questions about the article. Here are the questions - 6 questions (Exercise 2b). Read the article again. Read more slowly this time. With your partner, answer the questions. (10 minutes) If you need help, raise your hand. 2) Monitor progress and answer questions about the text. 3) If you have finished, check your answers with another group. 4) WC - what did you learn from the article? Anything interesting? Do you have any secret recipes? Can you tell us?

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