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Copy of TP 2
Beginners level


The main focus of this lesson is on Reading skill, which also entails Speaking and Writing activities. SS are provided with a theme, which is about the personal information of the teachers to work on their S, W, and R skills. First, there will be a short brainstorming of the necessary vocabulary for the R activity which checks upon their vocabulary knowledge and prepares them for the text. Then, the text will be presented with a variety of tasks to be done. W is embedded in the tasks too. After doing the tasks, SS will be asked to personalize the information in the text and speak about themselves in CW or PW/GW patterns.


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Main Aims

  • The main purpose of the lesson is to prepare SS to enter conversation with people and share personal information. This aim is going to be approached mainly by the help of 3 skills (R,W,S). Although, the main focus of the lesson is R skill, there is a sufficient amount of W and S.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice different type of questions (Wh, yes/no) which SS need in order to ask other people about their personal information.


Pre-text (10-15 minutes) • Lead In- To introduce the key words and eliciting essential questions which SS need to use in S task and teach the prepositions that SS need in the text.

All SS will be checked upon to make sure that they know the meaning of all the words, then they will be asked to give examples of the use of prepositions in sentences. The pronunciation of the words will be practiced through WC choral drilling and also individual or GW drilling. Afterwards, they will be asked to say what questions they should ask to get information about each item projected on the board. In this part, there is a considerable amount of WC interaction. At this time, paper strips will be handed in to SS and they will be asked to arrange the pieces in the right order. There is a thorough monitoring at this stage to make sure all SS are engaged and on the task.

Text (10-15 minutes) • To integrate the three main skills of language (S, R, W) in a single task

To accomplish this task, SS will be grouped in PW pattern. The two sets of HOs will be given to each S. The text is about personal information of 3 Ts. After reading the text, SS take turn to ask questions about the remaining teachers and fill in the table accordingly. The sequence of the skills will be R, S, W. At this stage, there will be different seating patterns to guarantee that SS are practicing with new partners. All the work is on SS and the T is only monitoring and giving support if needed.

Post-text (10-15 minutes) • To personalize the text and write and speak about themselves

The SS will be required to write a similar text about themselves and work in pairs or groups to talk about it to other SS. Then the SS will speak about his or her friend to the class. Internalizing the content can help consolidate the lesson which determines the long-term retention of information.

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