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Lp tp 5
elementary level


in this lesson, ss will learn about the verb to be in wh questions and numbers in the context of introductions


Abc gap-fill handouts - Alphabet cards -Whiteboard -Projector -Answer keys

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of the verb to be in the context of introductions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information
  • To provide review of pronunciation of the alphabet


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Ss Look at the picture of the map that contains Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, the USA make sure that ss can pronounce their names well write the big numbers on the board randomly and see if they can read it, then drill them. Ex1a see if they can guess the numbers of the ss studying in each country. don't show them the answer [guessing is the main aim]

Exposure [ a listening task] (5-10 minutes) • To provide a model of the task and highlight useful words and phrases

1- show ss a picture of " Mohammed Hendy" an Egyptian figure on the plane to china to elicit from them the word travel 2- show ss the picture of " Mario" [the character in the book] 3- ask them some questions about the character like " where do you think he is going" why is he going to Ireland? in order to help them with the listening task and to set the context 4- pre-teach the word postcode. 5-- demo the listening with the whole class by doing a couple of examples 6- listen once then pair check 7- listen again 8- provide the answer key around the room. .

Language Analysis [controlled practice of the verb to be in Wh questions] (5-10 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the task language

use the alphabet cards. check that they all know how to pronounce the letter correctly Give them ex:1c Demonstrate with them not for them carefully. Monitor then ask them to check with each other play the audio and make them repeat after it instead of the drilling.

Language Practice (5-10 minutes) • To provide students with practice of the task language

get the students to practice the questions in ex1c and play some music to lighten up the atmosphere.

flexi stage (5-10 minutes) • to extend the ss speaking time

use role-play [ a tourist and Egyptian- an interviewer and interviewer - a teacher and a new student] ask them to use the same questions in the previous exercise and add some other questions like " what is your nationality" - "why are you here" demon the game with the whole class.

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