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Teaching Practice 8b - At a glance
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson, students will be introduced to the topic "first impressions". After discussing the topic as a pre-reading activity, they will read a book review about first impressions and rapid cognition. They will have a while-reading exercise. Then they will do a mingle activity where they will be asking each other questions and executing what they learned from the text.


Abc Reading Text (divided into 4 parts) from Face2face Upper Intermediate Student's book p. 20 & 21
Abc Video and pictures on Power Point
Abc Handouts from Face2face Upper Intermediate Student's Book p. 20 & 21
Abc Handouts from Face2face Upper Intermediate Student's Book p. 110
Abc Computer
Abc Projector

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about First Impressions in the context of At a Glance.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of First Impressions.


1. Warmer (5-5 minutes) • To set the context

Tell SS that you're going to show them a video and that you want them to think about what they see. Show SS a video containing a scene from a film. Ask "What is this about?" SS will probably say "love". Then ask "Yes, very good. But what else?" Show them some pictures of boss and employee shaking hands, a couple on their first date, etc. After SS come up at least with the words "thought" or "idea", then elicit the words "impression" or " first impression" one last time. If they can't find it, say it to them.

2. Pre-reading activity (Exercise on p. 110) (8-9 minutes) • To prepare SS for the reading stage (activating schemata)

1. Show SS the handout. Tell them to read the sentences and tick the ones that they think are true for them. Tell them to be prepared to explain their choices. Give them the handouts. Give them 2 minutes to complete this part. 2. Tell SS to work in pairs. Instruct them to tell each other which sentences they ticked and give reasons why they chose these sentences and not the others. Give them 4 minutes. 3. Each pair tell the class two things that they have in common with their partners (that they both ticked in the first part of the activity)

3. While reading activities (Gist and detailed reading) (14-15 minutes) • To give SS a purpose for reading

1. Show SS the reading text. Tell them it has four paragraphs, but that the text is not in order. Show them Exercise 5a handout. Tell them to quickly read (skim) the text and put the paragraphs of the text in order from 1st paragraph to 4th paragraph and then on the exercise to match each paragraph with the topics. For example, if the first topic is about the 1st paragraph, write "1" next to it. ICQ them to make sure they understand the instructions. Give them the handouts (paragraphs). Tell them to check their answers with their partners after they finish. Give them 4 minutes. Project the exercise on the board. After SS finish, invite a student to the board to write the answers. 2. Part b. Show them the handout again. Tell SS to read the text one more time and to fill in the blanks with the correctly chosen answer for each question. Tell them to check their answers with their partners after they finish. Give them 7 minutes. After they finish, remind SS to check their answers with their partners. Tell them to compare their answers and if they disagree in any answer, tell them to explain why they chose that answer. Give them 3 minutes. Make the exercise projected on the board. After SS finish, invite a student to write the answers on the board. (If any of the SS don't understand the answers, show them where the answers are on the text.)

4. Post-reading activities (15-16 minutes) • Speaking (Production)

Project the questions for the activity on the board. 1. Tell SS to think about their first impressions on people. Tell them to work in pairs. Each student choses 3 people that they know (it can be their partner, a teacher, a boss or a friend), then tell their partners 1) How did they meet them? 2) What were their first impressions? 3) Were they correct (accurate)? Give SS 2 minutes to choose the people they are going to talk about. Then give them 3 minutes to do the speaking activity with their partners. Monitor. 2. Mingle. Tell all the SS to stand up and ask each other the questions. Give them 10 minutes. Monitor.

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