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Free time- common verbs and nouns
Beginners level


In this lesson, the students will learn different verbs and nouns related to sports and free time activities through reading different short texts and listening to conversations.


Main Aims

  • To give the students practice on reading and listening skills.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To focus on relative clauses.


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • Set the context of free time activities

- stick the pictures on the WB. - ask the Ss what people are doing in each picture. - ask the Ss to guess the word. -if the Ss give the correct word, stick it immediately on the board. The verbs are (like, study, play, watch, learn and read).

Pre- reading (2-3 minutes) • Brainstorm with the students

- Set the context by asking the students some questions like: Do you play Golf/ football..etc? What do you do in your free time. - Tell the students bout your free time. What do you do? - Write the title of the lesson on the WB.

While reading (5-10 minutes) • Reading task

- introduce the topic to the Ss. - get the students read the text - Chelsea community center notice on page 52. -ask the Ss to do ex1, page 52. -give the students HO1 to read for gist. - ask the students to fill the spaces.

Post reading (5-7 minutes) • Identifying verbs- Exercise 1-2&4

- check if the Ss know what is the verb by using the pictures to make sure that they understand the meaning of theses verbs. - ask the Ss to do ex1, pg52. -then ask them to do ex2, pg52. -ask the Ss to work in pairs to check answers. -check the Ss answers. -ask the students to do ex4, pg52. (give the Ss a demo example)

Listening- Listening for the 1st time (8-10 minutes) • Develop the students listening skill

Pre- listening: set the context for listening to the conversation. While listening: ask the Ss to do ex1, pg 52. Post listening:ask for feedback form the Ss. Check their answers.

Listening for 2nd time (2-3 minutes) • Develop the students listening skill

-ask the Ss to do ex2, pg52 while listening again. Check their answers

Relative clauses (5-7 minutes) • Check if the students understand them.

- use the pictures to introduce places. Then, ask the Ss about what they see in the pictures. - ask Ss what do we use when we ask about time, place, a person,......etc. -put each relative clause under it's correct picture. - ask the Ss to do ex1, pg53. Check the their answers. -make a conversation with one of the students using the same structure of the exercise, then ask them to repeat the dialogue in pairs. - ask two students to read the conversation.

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