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Teaching Practice 1
Beginner level


The hotel: In this lesson students will practice their listening, speaking and comprehension skills specifically regarding hotel reservations. The students will listen to a number of audio dialogues and afterwards will have a group discussion focusing on polite phrases and pronunciation. There will also be a short role-play where the students can book a mock reservation.


Abc Audio CD
Abc Picture of hotel
Abc Excuse me, I have a reservation

Main Aims

  • To provide listening and speaking practice in the context of making hotel reservations

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review pronunciation of the alphabet and practice the present simple tense


Introduction (1-3 minutes) • To review the names of myself and the students

Introduce myself again and have the individuals sound of their names one at a time. Might incoporate some playful element into it. Will ask students to use a full sentence (My name is ___) and can use hand gesturing to encourage faster responses indicating which students are to respond at random.

Alphabet Review (4-5 minutes) • To review pronunciation of alphabet

Will write alphabet on the white board. Starting from "A" will orally recite each letter a minimum of 3 times unless a pronunciation error is encountered. On problem letters will recite a few more times until clear. If still not clear will try to train the students tongues by writing minor lists of short words involving the problem sound and have them recite each of the words. Afterwards will check pronunciation of problem letter and move on to the next.

Introduction to topic (4-5 minutes) • Introduce the hotel concept and set the stage for listening exercises

Will post a picture of a hotel on the whiteboard. I will then try to elicit the students to identify what it is, and spell it H-O-T-E-L next to the picture on the WB. Will ask where the hotel is located, and try to get them to spell G-E-R-M-A-N-Y as well Will gesture to listen to the audio dialogue (<1min), During this time I will write the potential answers on the WB. I will then ask the class to identify which pair was at the hotel.

Identify and spell names (exercise 3 and 4) (5-7 minutes) • To be able to pick out the correct name from spelling

-Will distribute handout to students and write the master list of names on the board. -Demonstrate that we will listen to an audio file. They will hear a name spelled and will have to check the correct name. After the file is done, we will take up answers as a group. -Next exercise is to assign pairs to the students, explain that one partner is to spell out a name, and that the other is to point to the name on the list.

Spelling Errors (5-6 minutes) • To have students be able to identify and correct spelling errors

Will write the names from the text up on the whiteboard Explain to class that we will listen to CD again, and that they need to correct the spelling of either the first or the last name. If necessary may play dialogue one more time. Will stop after each name to make sure the class can focus. Optional task if lots of time remaining- add additional vocab words to the board with spelling errors and have the class correct them by spelling out the letters properly

Names (6-7 minutes) • To have students be able to spell their names aloud

Will get students to listen to the audio. Will try to elicit students to spell my first name and then guess at my unwieldly last name Will diagram on the WB "How do you spell your first name?" and have the class repeat it. Then ask me where I will demonstrate J-E-R-E-M-Y before partnering the students up and getting them to practice on their own. After a minute or two of practice with partners I will stand all students up and have them mingle, doing the same exercise with different partners.

Dialogue and Role Play (7-10 minutes) • To have students practice making reservations and spelling names

Will hand out dialogue HO to class and have them listen to the audio lesson. Afterwards, we will read the dialogue together and identify polite words. We will practice pronunciation via repetition of polite words Will hand out the dialogue cards from the textbook complete with blanks and take up the blanks as a class, will try to elicit responses from students. After pages are complete will partner students and have them practice the dialogue on each other. Can repeat with polite language and students own names in place of example names.

Hangman (5-7 minutes) • To fill remaining time in entertaining way while reinforcing key vocab and spelling

Hangman game on WB utilizing words from the lesson at least at first in order to reinforce spelling and use up remaining time

Invisibile Man spelling game (5-10 minutes) • Reinforce spelling and vocab in entertaining way

Idea from Will organize 2 teams by alternate numbering Will draw 2 stick figures on WB for team 1 and 2 Will demonstrate the rules: first person to spell selected word correctly can erase one part of opponents stick man. Last stick man remaining wins. Students are encouraged to help their team with spelling.

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