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See the film... get on a plane. Passive
Intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson, Ss learn about the passive sentences through guided discovery based on a reading text about exotic films. The pictures of some films rise the students' interest for the lesson. The reading text on films provides the context for revision and extension for the passive form. This is followed by controlled practice and freer practice on the passive forms.


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Main Aims

  • To introduce and teach passive forms through a reading text in the context of exotic film locations

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice Ss in reading for the gist and specific information in the context of films.


warm up/ Lead in (5 minutes) • To set the context for the lesson through speaking activity on films

T shows pictures of some films and asks Ss what these pictures make them feel and which one makes them want to go there. T: What you feel when you see these pictures? Which one makes you want to go there?

Pre-reading (5 minutes) • To read for the gist in the context of exotic films

T asks Ss to read the text once and try to guess the names of the films and where they were filmed. I: Read these texts and write the names of the films and where they were filmed. Work on your own. Peer check then WC answers: 1. The beach, Thailand 2.Out of Africa, Kenya 3. The lord of the rings, New Zeland

While-Reading (10 minutes) • To read for the specific details in the context of exotic films

Ss read the text again and answer the comprehension questions. I: Read the texts again and answer the questions. work on your own. T hands out the worksheets. Peer check and then feedback on the wb. answers:lord of the rings, all three films, out of afirca, the beach,out of africa, the beach,out of afirca, the lord of the rings.

Grammar (5 minutes) • To present the structure, passive form through the anwers of comprehension questions in the context of films

T writes down the answers of some of the comprehension questions on the wb and underlines the passive forms to take the Ss' attention to the forms. ' All three films were based on a book Out of Africa was set at the beginning of the 20th century The beach was set in a place where later there was a natural disaster. Out of Africa was filmed in a wildlife park. The lord of the rings was directed by a man born in the country where the film was made.' T asks Ss to find the sentences in passive forms in the text about the beach in pairs. I: Find the passive forms in the text, the beach, and underline them. work in pairs. feedback WC. T writes the passive forms in the text about the beach on wb and underlines them.. ' The film is set in 1990s on a small tropical island. Most of the hotels were destroyed in 2004 by the tsumani, but they have now been rebuilt.'

Grammar (5 minutes) • to present the structure passive forms in the context of films

T hands out a chart on active and passive forms asks Ss to complete the chart with passive verbs. WC feedback Then T asks concept check questions. CCQs: Do they have same meanings? yes Do we know who did the action in passive forms? where is the emphasis in active/passive sentences? ( on the person or the action?)

Grammar (5 minutes) • To practice the structure trhough controlled practice activity in the context of general information about the films

T hands out worksheets and asks Ss to write the passive verbs in pairs. I. Write the passive verbs. work in pairs.

grammar (10 minutes) • to produce the structure through role play activity in context of buying tickets for the films.

T divides the Ss into two groups, Ss in one of the groups are ticket seller. They have all the infotmation about the two films and the ss in the other group are customers. They asks questions about one of the films and buy a ticket for it. then groups change the roles and do the role play again T demos the role play with one of the students.

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