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Presentation of Present Simple with (I/you/we/they)
Elementary level


In this lesson with the help of text Ss will be familiarized with TL. First they will be asked to identify the timeline the TL fits. Then they will listen and chose the correct answers, in order to use TL while listening, after WC FB. Upon eliciting some Wh- question from the Ss and completing an exercise, Ss will ask the question from the exercise to each other in OPW. Lesson will come to an end.


Abc Text
Abc Put the words in the correct order
Abc Listen and chose the correct answer

Main Aims

  • The Main aim is to present MFP of Present simple tense with (I/you/we/they)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sub aim is to get Ss to use their integrated skills.


Read the text in order to identify TL' s time line. (7-10 minutes) • Aim is to get student realize the timeline the TL is used

Upon making Ss read the text I will ask Ss where in the timeline the TL fits by drawing a timeline, and asking if it happened in the past, the present or the future.

Presentation of the form of Present Simple (I/you/we/they) (5-10 minutes) • Aim is to get SS familiarized with the form of TL

In this stage, I will ask Ss a couple of questions upon writing the form and will ask them to come to the WB and write down their answers, in this way while getting some FB, I will be making them give me the form. then i will point out the stress while modeling then i will get them to drill.

Listen and chose the correct answer (5-7 minutes) • Aim is to get students listen TL and chose the correct answer from the twoo

Ss will listen a recording and they will be circling the correct answer. Then we will check the answers by asking students to raise their hands for true or false

Write about your own daily routines (5-10 minutes) • Aim is to get Ss to use target language while forming sentences about their lives

I will ask Ss to write about their own daily routines, while they do so i will closely monitor and help them with any issues they might have, then as a FB I will ask a couple of Ss without mistakes to read their daily routines.

Put the words in the correct order to form a question. (10-15 minutes) • Aim is to get Ss able to ask and answer questions with TL

Ss will be making question with the given words in order to use TL in question form. Then there will be an open PW, in which Ss asks and answers the question between themselves, while i monitor and take notes for a delayed error correction.

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