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TP4 - The Silver Screen
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will discuss films. They will discuss their opinions and preferences about film, then they will do a sorting activity to develop film vocabulary. Next, they will read an article for gist and for specific information, and answer comprehension questions about the text. Finally, they will practise pronunciation and do a semi-controlled speaking exercise.


Abc Handout - The Silver Screen
Abc Film star images
Abc Film genre flash cards

Main Aims

  • To develop gist, scan and detailed reading skills using a text about a Star Wars fan in the context of film.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of film vocabulary in the context of film.


Lead-in discussion (5 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson.

1. T shows the sts pictures of famous actors and asks the sts who they are and what they have in common. 2. T elicits different film words and writes them in a vocabulary column. e.g. movie, cinema, actor, film star, DVD, genre 3. T displays three questions and asks the sts to discuss in small groups. 4. T asks for FB from the groups.

Vocabulary (10 minutes) • To clarify film vocabulary.

1. T displays pictures representing film genres (kinds of film) on WB. 2. T distributes film genre matching cards to the sts. 3. Sts work in small groups to match the pictures with the genres. 4. T leads WC feedback, checking meaning with the students. 5. T asks sts for some film examples (English or Turkish) of the different genres and writes them on the WB.

Pre-reading - vocab pre-teach (5 minutes) • To pre-teach vocabulary for the text and further set the context for the text.

1. T writes some film words on the WB and asks sts if they know the Star Wars films. 2. Sts discuss the Star Wars films in groups 2. Sts give feedback as a whole class.

Reading for gist and specific information. (5 minutes) • To develop reading for gist and specific information skills.

1. T shows sts the handout and asks students to read the article, looking for four things that tell us that Todd is a Star Wars fan. 2. Sts read the article. 3. Sts do a peer check in pairs. 4. Sts give feedback.

Reading for detail (10 minutes) • To develop reading for detail and answering comprehension questions.

1. T reads the comprehension questions. 2. Sts read for detail and answer the comprehension questions. 3. Sts check their answers in pairs. 4. Sts give FB.

Pronunciation and semi-controlled speaking. (10 minutes) • To practise pronunciation and speaking in the context of question about films.

1. T displays questions on the WB. 2. T checks meaning of the questions with the sts. 3. Sts practise asking questions and answering in pairs. 4. Sts give FB on content. 5. T error corrects.

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