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Teacher Plan 4!
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson we will be looking at the modals of obligation in relation to the context of being at work. First we will lead in with some past or present work experiences and then we will do a listening exercise that highlights the modals we are looking at. Then we will go more in depth with the grammar and finish up with some pronunciation work and speaking tasks related to must/have to.


Abc Various Exercises Hand Out

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of modals of obligation in the context of the work place

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about good/bad bosses in the context of the work place


Lead in (5-7 minutes) • to provide a context of bosses in the work place and obligations

I will start with an anecdote about a previous boss i had and then open up the students to PW and have them talk about a boss they have have had in the past. We will then write on the WB some examples of a good boss and perhaps a bad boss. Then I will introduce the audio they ar about to listen to.

First Listen (7-10 minutes) • to be able to identify what situation the boss is talking about

I will introduce the audio and tell the students that will have to identify which situation the boss is describing. They have to put the number of the audio next to one of the four options on the work sheet. I will check answers and ask for FB. Then we will listen to the audio again but this time we are listening for specific words used by the boss. Students will be asked to circle the correct word used and the worksheet. We will check in pairs and then provide FB on any confusing items. Then I will ask the students which bosses were bad and if these situations have ever happened to them in the past.

Grammar check (10-15 minutes) • to clarify the the modals of obligation

Since the audio has set the context we will use one of those sentences to play around with the modals of obligation. I will make sure the students know that these are often used in situations in which there is no choice in the matter. I would especially like to look at the sentences 'You mustn't wear jeans to work' and "You don't have to wear a jacket and tie." Some CCQ's will be: Are jeans allowed at work? Is a jacket and tie required? Should you wear a jacket and tie? Then students will work on exercises in the grammar section on the VEHO. We will check our answers in pairs and provide appropriate FB.

Speaking (10-15 minutes) • to provided practice with pronunciation and speaking in the context of work.

We will drill some pronunciations of must and mustn't because they can be tricky. Then we do the speaking exercise on p. 57. This asks the sts what jobs characteristics they would like most. They will then have the opportunity to share with a partner what job qualities they like. Time permitting we will do a pyramid technique and join into bigger groups and have students find the top job qualities that they are looking for.

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