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TP 6: Grammar Past Simple regular verbs
Elementary level


In this lesson, we will focus on Past simple regular verbs, and how to form and use them. We will also practice pronunciation and speaking with a student-centered communicative activity.


Abc Audio
Abc Pronunciation rule OHP
Abc A1.Gap-fill handout / A3. make questions
Abc answer key / small papers
Abc OHP of suitcase page (Tugba)

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the past simple regular verbs

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation past simple -ed, -ted, -ded


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • to introduce the aim of the lesson. To practice past tense regular

Ask the students about their weekend. Tell the students: I want to tell you all about my weekend. I will tell you, but I want you to take notes. Try to write down or remember all the things I did. Please write the VERBS....(the actions) that I say. Im happy because my friend visited me this weekend. She arrived at Ataturk Airport early in the morning. She wanted to see all of Istanbul in one day! We started from Aksaray and walked all over Sultanahmet, Sirkeci, and Eminonu. We watched a tourist show with folk dance and bellydance. We shopped at the bazaar and enjoyed the weekend together. She liked all the Turkish food, tea, coffee and sweets! My friend's vacation ended and I am sure she loved Istanbul! Show OHP of my text. Students come to the board to Underline verbs. CCQ's: Are these things that I am doing now? (no) My friend visits me now? (no) My friend arrives at the airport now? (no) when did she arrive? (in the past) how do we know? (by the form of the verb.....-ed or d Simple past tense.

Presentation of Grammar: formation of the Simple past for Regular Verbs (3-5 minutes) • To clarify the formation of the simple past before Controlled Practice.

Show OHP of Grammar page/ top of Gap fill Scan present and demo before ex. 1 Put some verbs on the board to make the forms: (for reference) + - (Try to elicit these forms from the students) want - wanted- didn't want - Did you want.....? (When I was a child, I wanted Ice cream everyday) (When I was a child, I didn't want to eat salad.) remember- remembered -didn't remember- Did you remember.....? pack- packed - didn't pack - Did you pack......? cook- cooked- didn't cook- Did you cook....?

Practice (Controlled) - Gap-Fill (5-8 minutes) • Practice the past-simple regular verb formation contrasting with the negative form. -ed vs. didn't (base form)

Present and Distribute Worksheet 1 Instructions: Work alone to fill in the gaps. ask the students to come to the board and write their answers in the gaps distribute answer key FB for any problems

Practice (semi- controlled) - Question and Answer in pairs (8-10 minutes) • To get the students speaking. Practice asking questions and speaking answers.

Hand-out small slips of paper. Instructions: Look at the Suitcase picture Write down 5 things Keep your papers secret DEMO INSTRUCTIONS with two students: Partner A ask 5 questions: Did you pack.......? Partner B answers. Yes, I did. No, I didn't. (Switch questioner) Find out if you packed any of the same things

Practice (semi- controlled) - More Questions and Answers (8-10 minutes) • For ss to make up their own questions, ask partners and answer

Change partners now. Tell students to turn over their activity sheet Show OHP for demo: Make questions by adding DID + you+ VERB +,....... CCQ- (what form?) For question do we say "did you watched...." (no) When the students are finished..... In pairs, ask the questions and answer them about last night.

ONLY IF THERE IS TIME!!!!!!!! (MORE THAN 30 mins LEFT?) Pronunciation Rule (5-8 minutes) • For students to understand that the pronunciation may be different for certain (t and d) endings....adding a syllable

Introduce the pronunciation activity. AUDIO 1.80 We will listen to an audio of some words in present simple and then in past simple. They all have -ed endings But can you hear a difference? What is the difference? Show projection of pronunciation:past simple regular verbs AUDIO Look here (projection) at the rule which answer is correct? (a)

Drilling (3-5 minutes) • Pronunciation of all practiced verbs- focusing on the -ted and -ded words adding a syllable

Show weekend text again. Drill the verb pronunciation put stresses too. Im happy because my friend ******VISITED***** me this weekend. She ARRIVED at Ataturk Airport early in the morning. She ******WANTED*******to see all of Istanbul in one day! We *******STARTED******* from Aksaray and walked all over Sultanahmet, Sirkeci, and Eminonu. We WATCHED a tourist show with folk dance and bellydance. We SHOPPED at the bazaar and ENJOYED the weekend together. She LIKED all the Turkish food, tea, coffee and sweets! My friend's vacation *******ENDED****** and I am sure she LOVED Istanbul!

Speaking Practice- Mingle activity (10-15 minutes)

Best case scenario: 15-20 MINS LEFT? Find someone who..... Chest and instruct Ask the questions about your partner's last weekend or last year. Try to find one person who answers "yes" to each question DEMO this exercise!!!!!

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