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In this lesson, students practice their listening skills for specific information and listening for details in the context of a singing competition which is the main aim. in addition, they will also practice vocabulary from the listening texts and phrasal verbs as sub aims the SS will have different activities such as matching words, fill in the blanks, answering questions for the listening texts.


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Main Aims

  • The main aim of the lesson is to give students practice Listening. In particular, Listening for Detail through the context of a singing audition .

Subsidiary Aims

  • the second sub aim is to practice verb phrases
  • The first sub aim is to practice Vocabulary in the context of performing singing to be specific


Warmer/Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T will first show the SS an introduction card containing personal information about Amy. since all the listening texts are talking about her. T will show in the picture personal information about Amy, her age, where she lives, her hobbies, and her dream .T will emphasize and talk more about her hobbies and dream which is singing, from here on the T will ask SS ICQ such as: do you like singing? which is your favorite singer? do you have singing competitions? What's the most famous singing show in your country ?. The students have an idea and background knowledge and now that the context is set, T is ready for the next stage.

vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • Prepare do students for any blocking vocabulary.

T will give the students an activity in the learning app they will have to fill the blanks with suitable words. T will give the students approximately around two minutes, since its quite simple; and this to just make the listening texts easier to grasp and pay attention to what is said instead of any blocking words. T will give do students clear instructions since they may have never learned from this app so T will tell them to open their chatbox, then T will send the link and tell them to click on it, ask all 4 students if they have received it. In case one of the students got any problem T will open the task in the shared screen so T can demonstrate it efficiently after making sure that the SS are ready. T will give ICQ like: what are you supposed to do? how many minutes do you have ? are you doing it alone or with your friends? T will not send the SS into breakout room since it's the first time for them for this kind of activity so it's better to show them and it is better they do vocabulary individually. Then T makes sure they have finished .T will ask them about their answers and show the words on the screen each one with its own part of speech and the clarified written pronunciation so that the SS has no difficulties. T will finish this stage by drilling followed by further examples and make sure to involve all ss.

Exposure (2-3 minutes) • Quick recap

T will show the SS the pictures then ask them about Amy's whereabouts, do ICQ such as: where do you think she is with? who is she with? .T will do a quick recap because they have already seen these pictures in a previous lesson. T will quickly freshen up their memory for less than 1 minute and immediately move on to the next activity.

Listening texts and controlled practice . (13-15 minutes) • practice while listeninig skills

The first step in this stage T will show students 4 different pictures each one of them has 2 or three questions next to it . T will tell students to read the questions first and will instruct them to listen for specific information and ask the SS if they want o listen to it again in case they miss it. T will do ICQ to make sure there is no confusion and that they are ready. The first picture T will elicit from students Amy's whereabouts and who asked her for her Id and what for. Then the second picture they will have to answer where is she waiting at? and who did she interact with? In the Third picture, T will elicit from SS what was said between her and her friend, what did she give her, and is it Amy's turn to audition. Then the Fourth picture T will first give SS some time on this audio since they have a lot of information, then T will elicit from SS the name of the song Amy chose, what happened to her, what did the judge tell her, and how did she feel while performing. T will make sure that each SS answers different questions so that they may all be involved and raise their interest in what happened to Amy.

freer practice SS produce language using the target language freely (8-10 minutes) • Practice speaking in a role-play of Contestants and judges

T will now tell the ss to listen to two other participants singing (Amy, Justin ,and Naomi). T will ask the students to have a role-play one of the students will be the participant (Amy-Justin-naomi) and the other will be the judge and they have to say their honest opinion about what they think. T will give each one of them one minute, then T will ask SS who they have voted for. After the role-play is finished T will tell the students to listen to the real judges on the participants and who they have chosen in the end.

Addition Controlled Practice (3-4 minutes) • Matching verb phrases

Twill start by sending the students a link for the app learning app will they have to match the verbs with the appropriate terms T will first instruct students give them an example then do ICQ then T will send them into breakout rooms of two since they are four students T will give them two minutes then monitor them after this activity T will the do feedback and error correction if needed

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