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TP 5 - Reading ("Race to the Sun"), take + time
Intermediate B1 / B2 level


In this lesson, SS will read a text about different modes of travel containing take + (object) + time. In the first stage, SS will learn or review the use of take + (object) + time and travel related vocabulary not covered in another candidate’s TP later today. In the next stage, SS will predict aspects of the text based on the introduction. SS will then be given a cut up version of the text and have to categorize and order the paragraphs. Once the text is ordered, SS will be asked to read for details by completing a matching activity. The lesson will conclude with a freer practice/production activity in which SS will speak to each other about different modes of transport using the target language (take + [object] + time).


Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, students will have had practice reading for details in the context of a text about plane and train journeys.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice using "take" to descrbie the duration of various tasks.
  • To practice semi-controlled/less restricted speaking in the context of describing how long certain tasks take.


Warmer (5-5 minutes) • To practice target lanaguage in the context of a speaking activity.

T will write on the board - "It takes 10 minutes for me to get here" and ask CCQs: How long does it take me to get here? (10 minutes) Where's here? (ETI) Do I take the bus? (No.) How do I get here? (By taxi). TTT: Make it a question. Elicit: How long does it take me to get here? T will put on slide with model language: What’s your name? How long does it take you to get here? It takes me 5 minutes to get here by car. T will demo activity with on S. That student will pick another S and engage in a similar dialogue (and so forth around the room)

Pre-Reading 1: Setting the context (3-5 minutes) • To practice target language in the context of describing journeys related to the text

T will show a picture of a plane. S will (easily) identify the object. T will engage in dialogue with SS: Who has ever traveled by plane? Where did you go? How long did it take you? T will show a picture of a train. S will (easily) identify the object. T will engage in dialogue with SS: Who has ever traveled by train? Where did you go? How long did it take you?

Pre-Reading 2: Lexis (5-5 minutes) • To review travel lexis related to the reading tasks

T will show pictures of airport vocabulary and elicit words. After each, T will drill model sentences. After all items have been elicited, T will drill again (with model sentences displayed): I wanted to fly to America, so I packed my _________ (luggage) (Drill sentence) Then I went to the __________ (airport) (Drill sentence) First, I had to go through ____________ (security) (Drill sentence) Finally, it was time for ___________ (boarding) (Drill sentence) Reelict, drill, and show words (Note – check in and gate omitted because they will be covered in Miranda’s TP)

While Reading 1: Prediction (5-5 minutes) • To read part of the text and predict what happens next

T will distribute handouts with the introduction and put the slide up. T will give instructions: SS will work in closed pairs to read the text and guess which journey (train, plane, or car) fits the descriptions. SS have 2 minutes to complete the task. ICQs: Are you working by yourself? (No) What answers can you put in? (train, plane, car) How long do you have? (2 minutes)

While Reading 2: Ordering (8-10 minutes) • To skim the text, sort, and order paragraphs.

T will distribute packets containing the rest of the text in jumbled paragraphs and headings "By train" and "By plane." T will explain that SS will work with a partner and read about trains and planes. SS should sort the paragraphs into train and plane paragraphs, then put them in order. (To make it quicker, look for words that talk about planes and talk about trains).T will demo the first paragraph. SS have 3 minutes to complete the activity. ICQs Will you be reading about cars? (No) What will you be reading about? (Planes and trains) After completing the task, SS will walk around the room looking at other SS's work and compare it with their own. Afterwards, T will provide whole class feedback using key on PPT..

While Reading 3: Reading for Detail (10-10 minutes) • To read the text closely for meaning

T will distribute handouts (with key, folded). SS will work with a partner to answer the comprehension questions with T (the train) and P (the plane). SS have 4 minutes to complete the task. ICQs What do you write if the answer is train? (T) What do you write if the answer is plane? (P) Feedback: after completing task, SS will check their own answers using folded keys..

Post Reading Production (5-10 minutes) • To practice target language in the context of talking about the duration of trips to various destinations.

T will display model language on the PowerPoint slide and demo the activity with two SS: What’s the best way to get to Batumi? By train. Why? Because it’s the most comfortable. How long does it take to get there? It takes about 5 hours. SS will speak in pairs for one minute. Afterwards, pairs will have the same conversation using other destinations: Gori and Mestia (1 minute per destination) Next, SS will come into the center and mingle with other SS, asking and answering about other destinations: Istanbul, London, and New York (1 minute per destination) Finally, SS will return to partner and discuss the final destination: the moon. After each round, T will conduct quick whole class feedback.

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