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Gramar: comparatives
intermediate-B1 level


In this lesson, ss learn comparatives to compare two things using than or the and also negative comparison using less.


Abc Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives in the box

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of comparatives in the context of catch them young

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of comparatives & superlatives.


comparative (3-5 minutes) • comparative

Lead in buy asking 3 young ss to come in front or by drawing 3 young children. T elicits the the comparative words young, younger and youngest /use ss name Name the children Ala and Hana. (young) (younger) 1.T asks who is younger?Is Ala young? 2.T asks who is younger? Hana is younger? 3.who is younger? T eleicits from ss is "Hana is younger* than Ala?" ___ Hana is younger than Ala. T brings yasmin to the picture. T elicits from ss who is the youngest? Yasmin is the youngest. In case ss don't understand, T uses more elicitation by comparing two students who are tall.T elicits the words "young, younger and youngest". CCQ who is young? who is younger? who is the youngest? T CCQ

comparative (5-7 minutes) • write comparative and superlative form

t asks ss to look at the HO . t points to the HO and asks them. Do this exercise. Write comparative and superlative form of the adjectives. Show HO. time 3 minutes. *********Check the answer.

comparative (8-10 minutes) • to use comparative to compare two things or people. for big differences use much, a lot, far. for small differences, use a little, slightly, a bit.

T shows some sentences on OHP and elicits the form and phoneme. "than" is used when comparing two things or people. The figure is higher than in 1997. (d.a) +(s)+(v) + (adj)than **CCQ is the figure higher now? CCQ************** Advertisers have bigger budgets than they used to have. (s) + (v) + (adj) + (n) + than CCQ******Bigger budget now or earlier? (Meaning of budget--an estimate , often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future) (source: *T drills the sentence emphasizing on "than". Brand names are more expensive than other products -------------------. (s) + (V) + (adj) + than . CCQ***********Which products are expensive? Brand names or other products? * T drills the sentence.( pronunciation) T makes negative comparisons with less + adj + than * classroom advertising is less common in Europe than in the states. (s) (v) less+ adj +than CCQ**************classroom advertising is less common in ? *Make the difference between the two things bigger or smaller with a modifier before the comparative adjective. * For big differences use much, a lot, far. For small differences use a little, slightly, a bit. *The figure is much higher now than in 1997. CCQ*********Is the figure higher now or earlier? * Advertisements are slightly longer than they used to be. CCQ************Advertisnments are longer now or earlier? *The biggest problem for school is cash. *Children are one of the most important markets for advertisers. *Make negative comparisons with the least + adjective. The least popular form of advertising is Channel One. ((less, little, least)

comparative (3-4 minutes) • comparative, superlative, longer adjectives, negative comparison

T points to the HO T hands out the 2 nd HO. Gap filling exercise. time: 4 mnts. check for answer from students(random) FB

pair woork (7-10 minutes) • make comparative and superlative sentences.

T asks the students to write sentences at least 10. minutes :7 How many sentences? T HO another worksheet to write sentences. When done ask them to swap the paper from the pair sitting behind them.

speaking (if there is time) (6-9 minutes) • to enable the students to speak

T elicits or asks the word"advertisement".What did they read about advertisement in the lesson earlier? T elicits the word "fizzy" What kind of drinks do you drink? what do you call the drink with bubbles? Now you are hired to create an advertisement for a company that produces this fizzy drink. The compamny wants to sell the water to young people (16-25) as an alternative to cold and other fizzy drinks. Make a list of items that you associate with "natural" and "healthy". which image will you choose? Choose a kind of music that you want to use. Decide whether you want to use a famous the personality. Decide on the time to show the advert.

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