TP3/Grammar-Present Perfect Simple
A2 level


This will be a TTT (Test Teach Test) lesson. In this lesson, the students will be focusing on the present perfect for experience. The Lesson will start with a 'finding the infinitaves for the past participles' activity, followed by a mini 'Have you ever....? introduction. The stst will proceed with a controlled gap fill. Closure will be till be with a controlled and a semi controlled activity.


Main Aims

  • Grammar - Present Perfect for experience

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Warm Up (1-2 minutes) • To introduce the subject and to create the sts interest in the subject

Connect the subject with the previous lesson of famous people. Ask sts 'Have you ever met Brad Pitt?' Have you ever met any famous Turkish stars?

Test (4-7 minutes) • To test the sts knowledge of regular & irregular verbs.

The sts will be given a list of 3rd participle verbs and asked to find the infinitives of these verbs (the answers will be stuck on certain areas in the reception). This will be a group work, group of 3 sts, and the first group to complete the list correctly will be the winner. ICQ before the activity.

Teach (5-7 minutes) • To teach / confirm their understanding of present perfect and when to use it.

Following the WC FB of Ex 1, confirm the usage of past simple and present perfect on a time line basing it on our experiences. Activity - Famous places, unsusal food. Asking the sts 'Have you ever been to Istanbul, Paris, London? etc The answers will be - - No, I haven't. - No, never. -Yes, I have. In the case ask past simple follow up question - When did you go to Istanbul? etc.

Test (7-10 minutes) • To test the sts with a controlled practice on the subject

The sts will be given the task for Ex 2. They will work individually and when finished check their answers with the person sitting next to them. The T needs to monitor the sts well in order to help the sts understand why (if they get something wrong). T writes the aswers on the board.

Controlled Speaking Practice (7-10 minutes) • To give the sts an opportunity to practice the present perfect for experience.

T gives the sts tasks for Ex 3. This will be a PW activity. Monitoring by the T.

Semi-Controlled Speaking Act. (7-10 minutes) • To give the sts an opportunity to gain fluency using present perfect simple

T gives the sts the task for Ex 4 in the form of 'Find someone who.. The sts must decide on the correct form and ask the questions on Ex 4 to the other sts.

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