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Vocabulary and reading
Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss focus and practice reading through the medium of an extract from SpeakOut Intermdiate Students' Book. The reading will be followed by some written exercices issued from the previous reading. In the same context, some new vocabulary contained in this reading will be introduced. At the end, two discussions will be hold where the Ss are expected to share opinions and ideas issued from the previous reading.


Abc Speakout Intermediate Students'Book

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of vocabulary in the context of "How to become millionaire".

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide scan and gist reading practice using a text about " How to become a millionaire"


" How to become a millionnaire" (5-7 minutes) • Work in pairs and discussion

Ss will discuss in pairs on how to become a millionaire, they will developp their ideas by working in pairs than share it with other Ss.

Reading (5-5 minutes) • Try to learn new vocabulary by matching examples with the proposed words.

Ss will read the exercise 1a and try to guess the jobs in question. They will check their answer in pairs.

Reading (5-7 minutes) • Try to match the words and phrases in bold, from the previous exercice with the definitions.

Ss will continue on the same page as the previous exercice (p.44) They will do the next exercise (1b). They will have to match the bold words from the previous exercice (1a) with the new definitions. T will do the first example together with the Ss than the Ss will work alone to complete. Ss will check their answers in pairs.

New vocabulary (5-5 minutes) • Introduction of new vocabulary.

T will pre-teach the new vocabulary based on the words talking about personal qualities. T will try to explain new words by giving clear examples and by showing pictures.

Reading task (5-7 minutes) • Try to understand the context of the reading

Ss will read the text on p. 44 and 45, and try to define if the issued sentences from the text on the exercise 2a p.44 are true or false. Ss are working alone and completing the exercise, later they will check the answers with the teacher.

Comprehension (3-5 minutes) • Comprehension of the context

T will ask several questions regarding the previous reading on p.44 /45, in order to determine if the Ss understood the text. Ss will read the mentionned text one more time and try to correct the answers from the previous exercise 2a p.44.

Discussion (5-7 minutes) • Work in pairs and discussion related with the previous reading

Ss will discuss the dos and donts of millionaires. They will work in pairs the exercise 4a, p.45 .

Discussion (5-5 minutes) • Discussion related with the previous reading.

Ss will discuss in groups about the millionaires they have heard of and try to make a relation between the reading and their opinions.

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