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Beginners A1 level


In this lesson students will be practising their skills of reading and listening within the context of Mickey making a model dinosaur on a rainy Saturday.


Abc Complete the text - handout
Abc Text hand out
Abc Audio
Abc Dinosaur Picture
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Main Aims

  • To improve students skills of reading by detailed reading the text

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an opportunity for students to practice by listening and speaking


Introduction (4-6 minutes) • Introduce students with the context of the lesson

T will try to make the students remember the previous lesson with Mikey, Milley and Mut, and that with a new adventure we are together with them. T will elicit the new vocabulary which will be used during the reading and listening. Model Dinosaur Glue Stuck Instructions

Reading & Listening (8-12 minutes) • • To read for gist / Listen for detailed comprehension

Students will have the illustrated text related to Comprehension, and in pairs will be having a look at each picture. T will encourage them to talk about what they see in each picture. -What do you see in picture 1? * Mickey - Milly -table - chair - flower - magazine - model dinosaur - glue - What do you see in picture 2? * Mickey - Milly - flower - chair - glue - Mut - What is Milly doing ? Reading a magazine - What is Mickey doing ? Making a model dinosaur - What does Mut has in his mouth? A bone - Where is the glue? Falling down the table - What is Mut doing on picture 3?- Sleeping - What is Mickey looking for? - Instructions - What is Milley sitting on on picture 4? - What is Mickey looking for on picture 5? - Picture 6. Oh is Mut eating the glue ? - Picture 7. What is Mut eating ? - Where are Mickey and Millie going? They will individually read the text.

Practice (5-6 minutes) • To provide opportunity for comprehension checking

Students will be handed out sentences of the text not in order and will be asked to put the dialogues in the correct places working in pairs.

Post Reading (4-6 minutes) • Listening and checking comprehension

Students will be listening to the audio, and will answer the questions of 1a and match the sentences in excesize 2a

Practice (5-10 minutes) • Speaking

Students will be in groups of 3 and will represent be Milly Mickey and Mut. While Milly and Mickey talk, Mut is always moving around and being naughty, T will explain the main character is Mut, so they will not be offended with a non talking role. They will practice in their groups first, then perform for the whole class, and the best Mut will be the winner of the day.

Wrapping-up (5-10 minutes) • To provide opportunity to practice TL

The students will be in groups of three to make up a story with ; they are in the same house, it is very cold and wet outside, - what models would they make (drawing and writing) - which movies would they watch

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