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Teaching Practice 6
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will practice grammar and listening in the context of jobs in science. The lesson will start with discussion about the worst 3 jobs in science. Then, students will listen and answer the questions in the coursebook. Meanwhile, students will learn the comparative adjectives and adverbs "less, as...as, a bit, much" and new vocabulary to be able to practice the TL.


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Main Aims

  • to develop students' ability to compare the things using "as...as, less, a bit, much" in the context of jobs in science.
  • students will, during the semi-controlled and authentic practice stages, practice the TL with their partners to improve their fluency.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to improve students' ability to use the TL in the context of jobs.
  • to improve students' ability to listen for gist first and then to listen for the main ideas in a text.


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • to set the lesson context and generate interest.

Ss will look at 3 photos of jobs in science and discuss what these jobs are and what they think these people do in their jobs. FB: elicit the jobs.

Pre- teach vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • to introduce vocabulary for listening stage.

Ss will look at the words and discuss the meanings. FB: eliciting and showing pictures. also, drilling.

While-Listening (4-5 minutes) • to practice listening for gist and to listen about the TL.

Ss will listen 2 people talking about their jobs and decide which two jobs they talk about. ICQs: Are you going to write what they say?No Are you going to take a note only the 2 jobs? Yes FB: peer-check and ask them.

while-Listening 2 (7-8 minutes) • to practice listening for specific details in the context of jobs in science

Ss will listen again and answer the questions about the listening. ICQs: Are you going to write or circle? Circle! FB: Peer-check then give answers.

Presentation of the TL (8-9 minutes) • to introduce the TL and to provide MFP

Ss will look at the examples of comparatives and discuss the meaning of the sentences. FB: then I will elicit the TL, drill for the pronunciation. CCQs: less disgusting: Which one is more disgusting? Restaurant rubbish! not as bad as: Is it really bad? No! a bit: little? Yes much: a lot? Yes

Controlled Practice the TL (2-3 minutes) • to let Ss practice the TL for meaning.

Ss will read the sentences from the listening and choose the closest alternative (in meaning). ICQs: Are you going to work alone? No! Are you going to underline? No! Circle the correct one! FB: Peer-check then give the answers

Semi-controlled written Practice (6-7 minutes) • to practice the TL using the productive skill of writing

Ss will complete the sentences with their own ideas. Then, tell their sentences to their partners. ICQs: Are you going to talk to your partner? No! Write then talk! FB: peer-check / if necessary error-correction on the board.

Authentic Practice (4-5 minutes) • to give Ss freer practice in using the TL and it's also helpful to improve their fluency.

Ss will think of their past language learning experiences and to compare the following areas: the classroom, other students, the way English was taught, the teacher, the class. FB: error-correction on the board.

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