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Verbs that summarize
Upper-intermediate level


İn this lesson students will work on verbs that summarize a situation. The lesson will starts with brief lead-in question about lottery, they discuss the given questions within pairs. Upon lead-in Ss decides decide who might have said the given quotes ( a politician, a sportsman, an actor, e.g.) then they work on the quotes with the help of a handout and they convert this quotes into a summary using the verbs provided in the hand out. Then they are given a handout which includes the verbs and their forms, with the help of the handout Students reads and fills in the gaps of a text about a lottery. Then Students does a role play related to task in order to get them use the target language.


Abc Quotes, verbs form and analysis
Abc Fill in the gaps reading

Main Aims

  • The main aim of the lesson is to get students familiarized with Functional language related to verbs that summarize.

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub aim is to get Ss to use the functional language they have learned while they are speaking.


Lead-in (5 minutes) • Aim of this stage is set a related context.

I will start by asking " have you or anyone you know ever won anything on a lottery?" after I get a couple of answers, I will make Ss discuss the question in pairs, to increase STT.

Who do you think said these quotes? (10-15 minutes) • Aim is to prepare a ground for students to use the TL

İn this Stage I will give Students a handout with 8 quotes and TL analysis of meaning and form. I will ask Ss to work in pairs and make sentences with the given verbs and quotes. Them I will make them check in pairs, and we will do a whole class feedback. this will help me understand if they have grapsed the meaning of TL or not.

Read and fill in the gaps (10-15 minutes) • Aim of this stage is to get Ss use and practice the TL.

During this stage, I will give Ss a hand out with story of couple who won the lottery but lost the ticket. Students will have to use the correct grammar in order to fill in the gaps. Upon completion, Ss will check their answers in pairs and later I will provide an answer key for them, so by now they will have a better understanding of the form of the TL.

Productive (10-15 minutes) • Aim is to get Ss to use the TL while speaking.

İn this stage I will ask Ss to work in pairs and prepare interview questions to ask Key or Martyn. Once they are done they will do a roleplay in which they take turns to ask each other the question and answer them as if they are Key or Martyn. I will monitor and will right down a couple of mistakes. Then I will copy these mistakes to the board and students will correct them.

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