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Intermediate level


IELTS Intermediate - Lesson 2


Abc CH 1 pp 10-11
Abc Audio 1.1

Main Aims

  • Increased conversational ability, consisting of learning lexis related to feelings concerning personal experiences, and creating and maintaining dialogue

Subsidiary Aims

  • IELTS Listening practice and strategy for listening section of test


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

To be decided - Need to have a song which covers emotions and then ask ss how they felt about the song, and then go through some of the adjectives in the song.

Listening Task #1 (8-9 minutes) • To practice IELTS listening strategy

Heading: IELTS Listening Section 1: Predicting answers p10: IND: answer q's 1-3 / 1 min / WC: Elicit answers PLAY AUDIO 1.1 / 2 mins / IND: fill blanks / 1 min / PW: check written answers PLAY AUDIO to confirm answers

Grammar Task #1 - Forming questions (13-15 minutes) • How to form questions relating to personal information

WB Refer to q's from Listening exercise. Elicit models: What's your (name, address, number, choice of university)? What (class are you in)? How (old are you)? How many (years have you studied English for)? CCQ: Why past perfect rather than past simple? Point out correct grammatical form: 'For how many years ...?' What are your (hobbies, future plans)? Forming questions q1: IND: create q's / 4 mins / q2: PW: ask and answer q's / correct each other as mistakes occur

Speaking Pre-task #1 - Forming -wh questions (8-10 minutes) • Identify the correct model for questions addition of 'do' to create questions from statements etc.)

Speaking part 1 p10 q1: IND: correct mistakes / write full sentences / 4 mins / PW: check answers WC FB: Elicit reasons why examples are wrong (i.e. Work is an action verb - takes do, main verb should be base form and preceded by 'do you', tell precedes direct object) Note that are can be used, but only with present continuous.

Speaking Task #1 - Asking and answering questions (14-16 minutes) • Practice with asking and answering questions, and reporting information in 3rd person

Divide class into groups of 4 (two pairs in each group) p10 q2: PW: Ask and answer q's / write response / 8 mins / Change partner / report findings to new partner / 6 mins /

BREAK (10-10 minutes)
Speaking Pre-task #2 - Expanding answers (5-6 minutes) • Learning how to add supporting information to responses

p11 q4: IND: fill in answers / 2 mins / WC-FB q5: IND: fill in answers / 3 mins / PW: check answers / Sample ss to read out complete sentences.

Speaking Task #2 - Adding supplementary information to responses (6-8 minutes) • Practice asking questions and adding supplementary information to the response

p11 q6: IND: Review q6 / Prepare responses / PW: Ask questions / Personalise response / 5 mins q7: IND: match answers / 1 min / Get WC FB

Speaking Task #3 - Free practice (21-24 minutes) • Preparing personalised responses to questions. Practice speaking them

p11 Practice IND: Read questions / Write short answer / 2 mins IND: Consider supplementary questions / 2 mins / WC: Go round class for answers / 3 mins IND: Write answers to supplementary questions / 4 mins PW: Ask questions / Respond with short answer and full answer to supplementary question / 10 mins

Feedback (6-10 minutes) • Give models of good and bad language usage
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