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The Anglo - Business Preliminary 4 - Monday 1 February 2021 - 7:30-9:30am - Lesson 5

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about formal versus informal emails, and work with vocabulary related to writing emails at work. Students practice writing emails.


Writing an email - Inviting someone to go out

Beginners level

In this lesson students will write an email. As they are beginners, they will write the email in pair. Together, they will invite another pair to go out with them. The students will first do controlled practice, a fill the gap exercise, where they have to select the right word from the box. After checking and correcting, clarifying the essential vocabulary, they will have to write an email to invite/accept/decline another pair to go out with them. I have chosen to do the controlled practice...


Writing emails-sending and replying to invitations.

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn how to write, accept, and decline an email invitation. The lesson warms up with discussion questions and pre-teaching words to check the students understanding for the required vocabulary. The students will have a reading task to match the email invitations to their replies and to learn the difference between formal and informal emails and the langue used for inviting, accepting and declining invitations. Then, they will have two writing tasks. The first wr...


Writing an email.

Pre-intermediate. level

In this writing lesson, I will be teaching student how to write an email in a context of sports. As a warm up, students will be shown a picture and asked to discuss a related question. Then they will be asked to rearrange three strips of paper which will form a sample of an email. After that I will be eliciting the three stages of writing an email which are introduction, body, and conclusion. At the end students will be writing an email and given feedback.


The Anglo - Business Suite 1 - Saturday 20 February 2021 - 7:30-9:30am - Lesson 5a

Intermediate level

In this lesson students continue to present their roles play speaking exercises to be assessed. They then work on writing emails to make bookings.


TP6 - Carolina Lima

to introduce students to writing informal emails level


writing request for time off

Intermediate. level

in this lesson students learn how to write an email to the boss specially to ask about time off, I will start by tilling them story about myself and mention some points about writing an email, then i will ask them to try to write an email by themselves.


Writing an email.

Advanced level

In this lesson, students learn about writing an informal email based on a sample email. The lesson starts with a video lead-in where two people talk like they email. This is followed by brief MFPA tasks. Finally, the students work on writing their own email and grade a fellow student’s email.


Writing Informal Emails

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be asked some lead in questions to generate their interest in the topic of writing informal email to an old friend. Then, they will read an informal email from a friend to another old friend to be prepared answering a gist question and to have a general understanding of the text. That will be followed be doing two controlled practices that aim at developing learners writing skill by drawing their attention to features of the content and the language. Finally, th...


TP7_ Writing an email of Complaint.

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn how to Write an Email of Complaint by analyzing a layout and the use of words and phrases appropriate for this type of email. Students will identify MFA with guided discovery tasks. Then, Ss' will have the opportunity to practice and record useful language with a Parallel (Controlled/ Guided) writing activity. Finally, they will explore the language by writing their own email of complaint in a Free Writing activity using
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